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Humanizing the NEW Future of Work

AWE Virtual Conference 2020

Humanizing the NEW Future of Work

Are You Evolution Ready?

9/29 – 10/1

In Their Own Words

Great (humbling) conversation, thank you to the entire AWE team for the opportunity to listen, learn, and grow!

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Illuminating Inclusion in the Workplace

AWE provides a breadth of services to support the needs of leaders in the space of Diversity and Inclusion.

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Membership - Become Evolution-Ready

In face of the disruption and the unrelenting requirement to become evolution ready, now is the time for leaders at every level to be curious, inclusive, courageous, and innovative as we navigate the unchartered pathways and emerge into the NEW future of work.

Whether you are an aspiring leader, manager, executive or small business owner, it is time to future proof your career by strengthening the most critical skills, capabilities, and mindsets.

An Evolution Ready AWE Membership offers access to evolving learning journeys, relevant and responsive training and essential multi-media resources needed to remain agile,  resilient and most importantly, continually evolve leadership competencies.

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Upcoming Events

Inner Calm Amidst The Turbulence

This conversation is focused on how to handle the constant turbulence of change. If you think about turbulence like a hurricane, we can either operate being thrown around in the wind and debris or we can sit in the eye of the storm where it is still. When you operate from this place, you are better emotionally and mentally equipped to handle challenges and find solutions. Continuing to return to the eye of the storm is an intentional practice

Imagining New Pathways to New Possibilities

This conversation is focused on imagining new pathways to new possibilities. By reading the environment, sensing the shifts, being curious to innovation and open to new ideas, we can image new possibilities for ourselves that propel us forward towards a new path of our own creation.

Exploring Different Shades of Brave

In our spotlight conversation, we speak with global leadership coach Eunice Carpitella about how we lean into being brave in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. The more you recognize your shades of bravery, allow yourself to be more vulnerable and practice courageous action, the more resilient you become to adversity and unexpected twists.
This program has so much great information and tools that you can continue to use in the workplace regardless of company or title. I was engaged throughout all of the sessions and looked forward to each one.
‐ Workshop Attendee