Working from Home Under Crisis

In our quest to stay human in a “remote nation,” join us for a panel discussion that connects you to the most important strategies to stay connected and navigate the shift in the way we work in a virtually connected workplace.

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way we work. With unprecedented speed, we moved people, teams, and technology. But according to Mari Anne Snow, founder of Remote Nation, “This is not remote work, it is working from home under crisis.”

Despite best efforts, not everyone or every business was equally prepared. Many organizations struggled with technology and ensuring people had the access they needed. Many employees were not accustomed to working remotely and have struggled with feeling disconnected. While others have started to question why they need to go into the office in the first place.

This sudden increase in working from home is presenting problems as well as opportunities: It requires strengthening new work skills as the future landscape and workplace has arrived!  Many predict that these changes offer an opportunity for many companies to build a culture that provides long-overdue work flexibility. However, we still crave connection and expect productivity. For managers, it requires thinking differently about how to manage remote workers. And for remote workers, it requires thinking differently about how to collaborate, communicate, build relationships and stay connected to your team and customers.

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