A challenge that most of us face (speaking from personal experience as well), is that we continue to allow our own distorted perceptions, behavior patterns and beliefs to unconsciously drive us to block the real, meaningful and fulfilling outcomes we desire.

To move from unconscious to conscious choices requires space for expanded awareness, time for experimentation, practice, and support of others on the same journey. However, the busyness and pace of our active lives typically don’t allow for this.

We rush from meeting to meeting, activity to activity, task to task in an endless and exhausting cycle. The few of us who are fortunate enough to attend some workshops, events or seminars often find that these are too few and far apart to create real shifts in our lives.

At AWE we are about to launch a new online learning experience called The New Lens of Leadership. When asked why we are doing this, numerous reasons come to mind including client demand, learning trends and portfolio diversification.  While these are true and important, there is a deeper “why” that matters more.  It’s the “why” that connects to the purpose of our organization and to what we value as a team.

Our mission is anchored in expanding human potential in the workplace. Underlying this mission is a shared belief that you, whoever you are, wherever you work and whatever your circumstances, are an unlimited source of consciousness, courage and creativity. We believe that these qualities coupled with your unique and authentic skills, talents, personal expressions and experiences is what is needed to move beyond surviving to fully thriving, as individuals, teams, and organizations.

We designed this journey with a different approach and mindset.  We take one topic a month, delve deep and give you time to observe and practice.  These topics are not quick fixes you can check off easily.  We often say that these lessons are simple, but not easy, because the more conscious you become about your patterns, the more you realize there is opportunity to go deeper.

To embrace this journey requires that you not listen to that part of you that is screaming “more, faster, better” that is so prevalent in our environments, but to rather listen to that stiller quieter voice that reminds you to slow down, get real and look deeper. We also believe that we cannot go on this journey alone, and the comfort of knowing there are others there to support us can give us courage to continue.

Our Virtual Facilitators honestly share their own insights, experiences and challenges with the lessons in ways that are relatable. In addition, we created Connection Space where you can privately connect with our Virtual Facilitators to ask questions, inquire deeper and get perspectives. Finally, there are forums so you can connect with others who are on the journey.

So, the real reason we are launching The New Lens of Leadership is because we believe no matter who you are or the circumstances of your life, you deserve to have space for expanded awareness, time for experimentation and practice, and the support of others to create real meaningful shifts.

In a world that operates fast-paced and highly-demanding, we invite you to slow down and go deeper with us. We trust that if you commit to yourself and your development in this way, you will find yourself shifting from surviving to thriving.