Turn a Group of Individuals Into a Team

AWE provides immersive learning experiences to cultivate high-performing teams leveraging their strengths to perform at their collective best and champions for a culture of teamwork, diversity, innovation, and operational excellence.

One-Team One Vision

As teams emerge into the hybrid working model, creating a strengths-based team culture is a powerful tool for flexing into relationships that builds trust and creates connection. Aligning with AWE’s framework, The Human Lens of Leadership℠  with the desired business outcomes to operate as One-Team, AWE guides teams through tailored trainings designed to build trust, increase collaboration, expand future-ready skills and key competencies to maximize performance, leverage strengths and utilize effective communication practices.

Learning journeys support goals to

  • Raise awareness
  • Create trusted spaces
  • Expand thinking and mindsets 
  • Leverage strengths
  • Improve team alignment
  • Inspire new behaviors and practices
  • Strengthen communication
  • Promote accountability
  • Drive Innovation

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Develop High-Performing Teams

The hardest skills in business (and life) are working with other people because everyone has different beliefs and a different view of how work should be done. No two individuals in a team have the same personality, communication preferences and strengths. For this reason, it helps to use assessment tools to allow team members to understand each other’s work preferences. AWE  facilitators are certified in a range of assessment including DiSC, StrengthsFinder, 360, Stress, Emotional Quotient  and more!

Helping Teams Expand Awareness

  • To address the challenges of strengthening a team filled with unique skill sets and diverse personalities.
  • To avoid personality conflicts and dynamics that can interfere with productivity.
  • To expand self-awareness and team awareness to expand the team’s potential.
  • To understand how individual members likes to operate.
  • To strengthen relationships, communication, trust and understand the root cause of conflict.
  • To understand what it takes to make a good team, great.


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Coaching to Expand Human Potential 

AWE connects coaching clients to discussions that help them discover and harness their strengths and opportunities to catalyze positive growth and realize their full potential in their leadership role. AWE’s coaching framework ensures that the coach and client establish a constructive, trusting relationship in a supportive environment to foster new ways of thinking, taking-action, and achieving results

AWE provides an individualized coaching plan to enhance leadership, improve emotional intelligence, refine communication, and address specific challenges they face within their organization, and themselves. Coaches establish an intimate, constructive, trusting relationship in a supportive environment to foster new ways of thinking, taking-action, and achieving results.

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