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AWE’s tailored training experiences support efforts to advance and strengthen future-ready skills, collaboration and competencies of leaders, teams, individuals, and resource group leads needed to respond to the changing workplace with emotional agility, authentic influence, and inclusive engagement.

Corporate Partners

Collaborative partnership to support transformative learning experiences for leaders, teams and colleague resource groups to expand the most important skills needed to navigate the evolving future of work.

AWE offers a range of tailored responsive trainings that provide strategies to strengthen human-centric competencies and inspire the consistent application of those new skills so that behaviors and performance ultimately improve. Topics are explored through interactivity, small group discussions, skill-building work, assessments, and reflection time. Understanding the need for interactivity and connection, AWE delivery methods include in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model.

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Inclusion Professionals

As people navigate the deep the disruption and challenges being experienced, companies must seize this moment to advance their commitment and initiatives to diversity, inclusion, equity + belonging.

Leverage AWE’s deep knowledge and core areas of expertise to raise awareness, expand human-centric practices to foster inclusion and everyday behaviors built on a foundation of respect and appreciation for differences. AWE creates a trusted space to explore mindsets and creates openings for change through meaningful and courageous conversations that help to build a more diverse workforce and equitable future.

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As the workplace shifts to a hybrid working environment, it creates new challenges. This shift has created a need for people to recalibrate, up-skill, navigate change with emotional agility, expand inclusive engagement, and lead with authenticity.

AWE’s tailored learning journeys and Evolution-Ready Membership are anchored in the Human Lens of Inclusion, creating transformative learning experiences and providing access to resources to raise awareness and focus on human-centric leadership practices needed to leverage individual strengths, maximize engagement, impact, and performance.

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Small Business

For businesses to REACH “up” or “around”, to repair, renew and thrive, they must become “Evolution-Ready” – ready to reimagine, widen their lens, shift perspectives and change directions with intention.

AWE’s immersive cohort learning experiences are designed for small business leaders and entrepreneurs. Series helps them remain agile and continually be evolving mindsets, operations, growing managerial and digital capabilities, and most importantly, creating a resilient culture that positions their business for long-term success, growth, and sustainability.

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Non-Profit Leadership

AWE uniquely supports non-profit leaders and their challenges to accelerate leadership capability-building efforts, strengthen innovative thinking, and helping their teams flex the most important skills needed to achieve their organization’s strategic outcomes.

Recognizing the deep challenges people, communities, and organizations are experiencing and will experience, AWE takes an agile, collaborative and responsive training approach to help people navigate today and emerge stronger into the future.

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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other....
‐ John F. Kennedy

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