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AWE creates more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments. We expand skills, compentencies and help people stretch and discover new boundaries that move them, their teams, and the organization forward.

The Human Lens of Inclusion

Through our framework, The Human Lens of Inclusion℠, AWE’s immersive learning experiences are centered on strengthening and expanding skills in the areas of authentic influence, emotional agility, and inclusive engagement.

We understand that people must be equipped with the right skills and mindsets to solve problems. AWE leverages our team’s deep knowledge and core areas of expertise to raise awareness, expand connectedness, and focus on human-centric leadership practices. Our ecosystems of support create transformative learning experiences, invites courageous conversations, and flexibility to expand the most important skills needed to navigate the evolving future of work.  

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Live Sessions

These formats allow for topics to be explored through interactivity, small group discussions, skill-building work, assessments, and reflection time. Understanding the need for interactivity and connection, AWE delivery methods include in-person, virtual platforms, and hybrid models. 

Immersive Training Journeys

Insight Sessions [up to 1hour] – Focused topics delivered through virtual platforms. Facilitated-led delivery, targeted content, a limited number of breakout sessions. Co-branded reflection guides, and/or supporting resources are provided in handouts. Includes meeting time, administrative support, recording sessions, follow-up survey.

Workshops [2-6 hrs] – Tailored content delivered in an interactive format with opportunities for deep exploration, interactive discussions, multiple breakout sessions, assessments, skill-building work, and action-planning are integrated into these learning experiences. Includes consulting and meeting time, administrative support, and more. Offered through virtual platforms and/or in-person.

Leadership Series & Cohort Experiences – [multiple sessions] – This training solution brings a team or group through a specific learning journey. Tailored content is delivered through an interactive format and creates a connected experience. This format offers an opportunity to address specific challenges through deep exploration, interactive discussions, breakout sessions, assessments, skill-building work and action-planning. Includes consulting and meeting time, administrative support, and more.

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Produced Learning Modules

This format allows the learners to consume the topics on their own time and rewatch as needed.

  • Explorer Module – Like a traditional webinar, this is a slide deck presentation format with added feature of an AWE facilitator narrating the module. Typically designed for 30 minutes or less, these modules present focused and concise content.  Reflection guides, and/or supporting resources are provided in the downloadable handout.
  • Guided Module – This blended approach offers an alternative to a traditional webinar format. This experience is a facilitator led video presentation. The AWE facilitator guides learner through the topic and shares content and actionable practices in very approachable way. Based on the topic, a few key reference slides can be integrated. Reflection guides, and support resources are provided in downloadable handouts. Typically designed for 30 minutes or less and can include podcast version of the module. 
  • Connection Modules – This interactive discussions approach offers a studio format that is designed to capture and hold the learner’s attention. Two facilitators engage the learner throughout the conversation through story-telling and relatable content.


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