Tailored Learning Experiences

Engage in interactive workshops designed to address evolving goals and challenges as well as to expand key competencies connected to the future workplace.

Workshops are delivered in-person, virtually or for on demand viewing. AWE HQ in Providence, RI are available for off-site sessions.

Types of Experiences

Insight Sessions

[1-2 hours]
Energizing catalysts that raise awareness through facilitated conversations.


[half to full day]
Experiential and interactive sessions that strengthen specific human-centric competencies.

Workshop Series

[multiple half or full day sessions]
Immersive cohort journeys that cultivates significant individual and team growth through integrated and connected learning experiences.

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The Human Lens of Leadership

Through our framework, The Human Lens of Leadership℠  AWE offers experiences that expand the ability to lead with authentic influence, navigate changing workplace dynamics with emotional agility and maximize potential through inclusive engagement.

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Workshop Outcomes

  • Establish authentic connections
  • Share relevant research
  • Offer practical tips
  • Create trusted space
  • Expand thinking
  • Inspire new behaviors
  • Promote accountability

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