Personalized Professional Growth

Catalyze positive growth and realize your full potential through coaching.

What is Coaching?

Coaching are 1:1 virtual or in person sessions that are individualized to address specific goals and challenges.

Coaches establish an intimate, constructive, trusting relationship in a supportive environment to foster new ways of thinking, taking-action, and achieving results.

Why Get A Coach

Sessions are structured to allow you to evaluate new possibilities and to adopt behaviors and skills to overcome situational roadblocks.

Coaches offer perspectives needed to expand self-awareness and work through specific challenges and related behaviors, patterns of thinking and interactions.

You and your coach co-create a plan with intended outcomes and creating new pathways to move the you toward these new alternatives.

Discussions, strategies and action planning supports your growth and development.

How Coaching Works

Coaching Engagement Period

  • The coaching schedule will be determined and agreed to by coach and client.
  • Coaching sessions are 50 minutes in person, virtual or a combination.
  • In between sessions, coach will provide exercises and resources, and be available by email for simple questions.
  • During each coaching session challenges, progress, potential practices, and action steps will be reviewed.
  • Coaching services can be extended upon mutual agreement.

Coaching Initiation

  • Contact AWE to discuss basic needs, budget and timing to determine a fit.
  • AWE suggests 2-3 coaches for you to interview and select one
  • Coaching contract is created and signed.

For Leaders of Coaching Clients

  • If you are a leader desiring coaching for one of your employees, AWE also includes progress checks.
  • One initial meeting to discuss reasons for desiring coaching.
  • One 55-minute call to discuss employee’s progress.
  • One call scheduled 6-8 weeks after the completion of the coaching engagement to discuss progress.
  • Coaching services can be extended upon mutual agreement.