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Creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments, it’s what we do.

Training services explore the human side of work and leadership and proactively helps people expand their impact and the most important skills needed to navigate the evolving future of work and practices to stay ahead of tomorrow.

Human Lens of Inclusion Services

Understanding that the post-pandemic era will be uncertain and complex, AWE’s training experiences help people explore opportunities to develop a more conscious approach to leading, communicating, and engaging with others. Together, we create transformative learning journeys that explore new ways of thinking, and strengthen human-centric competencies like openness, empathy, resilience and being inclusive. 

AWE’s services are designed to empower people to meet the evolving real-work challenges of leading teams in new and more effective ways, maintaining productivity, and fostering innovation, and connection.  AWE’s training experiences create a trusted space for exploration and critical conversations that support efforts to expand skills and practices, including in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging among individuals, teams, and leaders. Understanding the need for interactivity and connection, AWE delivery methods include in-person, virtual platforms, and hybrid models. 

In an era where uncertainty and change will be the norm, AWE’s portfolio of workshops and services brings the human lenses of inclusion into sharper focus and will help you and your team stay ahead of tomorrow.

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Today’s work environment is dynamic, demanding, and changing. Pivotal change is (re)shaping and amplifying new pressures, especially for leaders and teams. But amid the new pressures and an evolving workplace, there is an opportunity to elevate connection and engagement, foster inclusive communication, and leverage the team’s strengths to thrive in a hybrid and evolving work world.

Learn more about AWE immersive learning experiences that help teams leverage their strengths to perform at their collective best and be champions for a culture of teamwork, diversity, innovation, and operational excellence.

Turn a Group of Individuals Into a Team


AWE’s Coaching Services connects coaching clients to discussions that help them discover and harness their strengths and opportunities to catalyze positive growth and realize their full potential in their leadership role. AWE’s framework ensures that the coach and client establish a constructive, trusting relationship in a supportive environment to foster new ways of thinking, taking-action, and achieving results

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