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Welcome to our video library, home to a growing selection of recorded events, workshops, webinars, and more, so that no matter where you are located around the globe, you will never miss out. We are dedicated to connecting individuals and businesses to content and experiences that promote inclusion and help advance team members into leadership roles. This video library is just one of the many ways we work to honor this commitment.

AWE monthly breakfasts.

Our monthly breakfasts are an opportunity to re-engage, gain new ideas and perspectives, and leave feeling inspired with actionable solutions. Each breakfast features a panel discussion or presentation from experts and executives who share their experiences and knowledge on a given topic.

Focusing Innovation

Limit or Lead

Widening the Lens of Inclusion

Making Choices – Are You Driven or Drawn?

Search & Rescue: Critical Leadership Lessons

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Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Resilience Through Mindful Leadership

Creative Disruption

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Conference 2018

Taking Care of Business: Engaging Men as Allies

The Mindful Leader: Recalibrating your Leadership Compass

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Finding Flexibility in the Workplace

Taking Care of Business: The Sexual Fauxpowerment of Women in the Workplace

Dealing Effectively with Conflict

Courage, Confidence and Authenticity

Speak Up and Advocate For Yourself with Celia Blue

Leading with Trust and Candor with Tia Bush

Peaceful Productivity with Kate Hanley

Working Mothers: Challenges and Opportunities

Smart Women are Financially Savvy

Strategic Relationships at Work

Advancing Women in RI: Successes and Challenges

Insights From Wise Women Leaders

Leadership Perspectives with Dr. Margaret Van Bree

Leadership Perspectives with Deborah Thomas

Intrapreneurial Leadership

Trust Your Gut At Work

Transfer of Knowledge

Road to Leadership with Shantha Diaz

AWE conference.

AWE’s annual conference is a day dedicated to bringing over 250 men, women, and businesses together to advance the conversation on inclusion and progress for women, along with strengthening leadership competencies. The day features highly acclaimed keynote speakers and professional workshops.

2017 AWE Conference Introduction Video

2017 AWE Conference Introduction Video

2016 AWE Conference

Linda Kaplan Thaler 2016 Morning Keynote Speaker

Workshops and summits.

Our workshops and summits take a deeper dive into providing impactful, targeted, and solution-focused experiences, geared toward specific skill-set and competency building.

Women Business Leadership Summit – Leaders Panel