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September 12, 2019

Today’s leaders are consistently found in the midst of change – needing to adapt, think ahead, be more conscientious, and resilient. And no matter your level or title, you are continually leading and influencing the people around you.  Given the evolution of the workplace, it is now more important than ever to understand what is needed to “level up” and evolve your approach to leadership.

Tim Hebert, CEO, Trilix
Stephanie Preston, COO, Digital Transformation at Citizens Bank

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September 2019

Inclusive Leaders Series

Sept 5th- Nov 20th, AWE HQ, Providence RI

In today’s highly uncertain, fast-paced, diverse and constantly changing environment, it takes a new type of leader to thrive and succeed.  This program is designed using the framework and methodology of the New Lens of Leadership. Through exploration, interactive discussions and skill building work, this series helps participants leverage the necessary leadership strategies and perspectives needed to intentionally create an inclusive and agile culture where their teams are deeply engaged, collaborative and responsive to changing dynamics.

October 16, 2019

Level Up: Focusing Innovation

October 16th, 8:00am-9:30am, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI

Organization’s needs “it”. Teams are expected to have “it”. Clients want “it”. Leaders need to unlock “it.” CEO’s identified “it”: as one the most important leadership competencies needed for success of the future. What is “it”?  “It” is innovation and innovative thinking. Why do you need it? Because every workplace, business and industry are faced with fast-paced market shifts and external forces, including emerging technology and competition – all creating disruptions.

Charles Antone, Co-Founder, Building Enclosure Science
Kerri Longo, Assistant Vice President, Innovation Center, FM Global

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November 20, 2019

Level Up: Misunderstood or Mismanaged

November 20th, 8:00am-9:30am, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI

The relationship between managers and employees is critical to retention and engagement.  A Gallup study reported that 50% of Americans have left a job to “get away” from their manager at some point in their career.  This same study reports that the manager accounts for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement. A strong and effective relationship between a manager and employee requires understanding and being understood on many levels.  While most managers and employees focus on understanding goals, priorities, and methods, what is often missed is understanding strengths, styles and perspectives.When employees and managers misunderstand each other, employees feel mismanaged and managers feel misunderstood.  So, what can be done to bridge the gap?

Meryl Moss
,  Chief Operating Officer, Costal Medical
Vera Tyagi, Human Resources Site Leader, Amgen

Helping AWE present Ideas that Count is Fall Breakfast Sponsor, Citrin Cooperman

April 2020

Women Who Influence Leadership Series

April 9th – June 14th, AWE HQ, Providence, RI

This energizing, multi-session leadership program, is designed to elevate women in the workplace by strengthening her abilities to influence strategically and effectively. A collaborative atmosphere – participants learn alongside other rising women leaders and benefit from the collective experiences of the group. Interactive discussions, skill-building work and guest presentations provide a unique forum to strengthen leadership competencies, expand perspectives, and explore strategies to move purposely through leadership challenges.

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“This program has so much great information and tools that you can continue to use in the workplace regardless of company or title. I was engaged throughout each session and look forward to each one.”


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