The REACH Leadership Series for Small Businesses

Becoming Evolution Ready for the NEW Future of Business

To say things have changed for small businesses in Rhode Island seems an understatement. We recognize that now is a period of significant disruption for many of us small business owners. We also know that beyond disruption lies repair and renewal. In times of crisis, our best-laid strategies fall to the wayside. What takes the helm is our culture, which starts with how we show up as leaders.

As fellow small business owners, we fully understand the uncertainty you are navigating. Therefore, this is an important time to use this series to learn, grow and connect as a community of business leaders so we can share perspectives and make smart decisions as we REACH for the future of your businesses.

The REACH Series is designed to support small businesses during this unprecedented and pivotal time. With a focus on evolving culture, embracing innovative thinking through learning and experimenting, developing people, and defining customers changing needs, this series helps owners maintain a sense of possibility amid the challenges as they REACH for the future of their business.

The focus of this program is about evolution – as a business owner, as a leader, within your people, and within your culture. We invite you to REACH for the future of your business, not only to get ahead but to thrive and successfully navigate this new uncharted era.

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Who Should Attend

Understanding the challenges business leaders face in a constantly changing and highly uncertain environment, AWE invites 15 small businesses to the REACH Small Business Leadership Series. The program is designed for a cohort of 15 businesses which will include both the owner and a manager from each participating business.

What to Expect

AWE will take the business leaders cohort on a journey of engaging modules focused on expanding key leadership competencies, leveraging human capital, evolving culture, and understanding the critical shifts needed to bolster impact, and effectively respond to the challenges and change happening within the business.

The series will be a collaborative program that enriches the collective experience and knowledge of the cohort. AWE’s proven experiential approach will allow participants to forge connections, expand their network, and create forums to exchange ideas.

Delivered through Zoom’s video conferencing format, all modules are co-facilitated by two AWE leads, creating an energizing and interactive experience. Utilizing breakout sessions, group discussions, peer coaching, private Facebook groups, and access to AWE’s membership, resources, and programming, the journey offers a connected learning experience.


Ellen Slattery, Gracie’s Ventures

Charles Antone, Building Enclosure Sciences

Terrence Dowling, PacketLogix


There is no cost ($0.00!) for a business owner and a manager to participate in The Reach Leadership Series for Small Business program. The program is supported by the State of Rhode Island and was created to assist small businesses by providing access to programming to develop business leaders and support to expand the capacity of the business. Attendance is required. We understand that operating a small business can be unpredictable, however, attendance must be a priority. Participants should not miss more than one session.

Program Schedule

Sessions 1-6: Owner Cohort – Becoming Evolution Ready
Meeting business owners “where they are at”, these modules are designed to help business owners think more deeply about strategies and mindsets needed to find expansion, growth, sustainability, and become evolution ready as they emerge into the NEW future of business.

Sessions 7-10: Owner and Key Team Member CohortExpanding Connection in the Distance Economy
During these times of uncertainty, engaging in effective trusted relationships – within the business and with customers – is at the core of effective communication and connection. In order to truly lead the business through transformation, it requires reskilling, upskilling, and aligning the team to work effectively when under pressure, stress, and changing conditions are prevalent.

Session 11-12: Owner Cohort – Be the Architect of Your Business’s Future
In the final two sessions, we work closely with owners to be the architect of their future, including coaching, peer discussions, and action planning so they can return stronger and ready to confront the challenges and opportunities for growth, scalability, and sustainability as they envision and plan for the NEW future of their business.

Interesting in Joining?

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