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The training was encouraging and really opened my eyes to ways to identify and how to act when it comes to diversity and inclusion.
The topics are always very engaging and thought-provoking and the presenters are always top-notch!
The tools giving during this training are real and powerful. They are not tools on paper. They are practical and hard to apply, but have already made a change.
This program has so much great information and tools that you can continue to use in the workplace regardless of company or title. I was engaged throughout all of the sessions and looked forward to each one.
This program has given me a completely new and refreshing perspective on my career; how to take control of it and how to feel good about my decisions. I recently applied for a management position and received an offer for it. I have not been as excited about a job like this in a long time.
I gained great insight from these workshops, and there is something for everyone. Anyone aspiring to become a Leader will learn all of the tools necessary to have what it takes. During the process, you will meet great friends and have such a great time!
These sessions were presented in a comfortable atmosphere, in which we explored concepts through interactive lectures and activities. Many of the activities took us out of our “comfort zone,” and those were the best learning experiences of all!
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
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