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"Be an advocate, not a bystander." 
"When you are meeting others adopt this practice -- say ' I see you' and receive them with ' I am here"
"If you don't have employees that love your brand as much as you do, you either need to encourage them to love the brand as you do or pay them to leave."
"Be open to following where the universe may lead you"
"As leaders or individual contributors you set the tone on the notion of change-- we have to encourage it, be willing to accept failure as an opportunity to learn--you have to learn to lead change."
"Mindfulness has two elements. First, there's an element of awareness, you have to be aware of what's happening. Second, you have to bring an attitude of curiosity and non-judgment"
"It's not about taking screens away; it's deciding to do more of what you wish you did more of every day. Make the day full of that!"
Any type of growth or change or being in relationship with another human being will naturally create uncomfortable emotions for us.
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