Tejal Tarro

Co-Creator, AWE

Co-Creator and Chief Services Officer (CSO)

Certified Strengths Coach

About Tejal Tarro:

Tejal Tarro is Co-Creator and Chief Services Officer (CSO) of AWE, Advancing Workplace Excellence, a minority female-owned business dedicated to humanizing the new future of work. As CSO, Tejal creates unique services and learning experiences for leaders at all levels to be evolution ready through emotional agility, inclusive engagement and authentic influence.

She has over 25 years of organizational development, change management, facilitation and coaching experience.  In working with clients, Tejal is known for her authenticity, empathetic listening and a deep understanding of human challenges in the workplace. Tejal is also an avid practitioner of mindfulness, which allows her to approach her work with a sense of awareness and inclusion.

Tejal has a personal passion for creating equity and access for those who are marginalized in the workplace.  She has held numerous leadership roles in organizations focusing on the advancement of women including Vision 2020 and RI Commission on Women.  Tejal currently serves as an ambassador for 10,000 Small Businesses supporting the needs of small business owners.  Most importantly, as a business owner herself, Tejal focuses on evolving herself and AWE to continue to create greater equity and inclusion through internal practices and creative partnerships.

She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, two teenage boys and her beloved dog, where in addition to juggling the constant chaos of being a working mother, she focuses on personal growth and self-care through yoga, meditation, research, writing and enjoying nature.