Juana De Los Santos

Experience Maker

Servant Leader

Juana De Los Santos is a seasoned diversity and inclusion professional. A US Marine Corps veteran, Juana brings over a decade of expertise and an arsenal of leadership skills in organizational development, human relationship management, and strategy for creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive cultures and programs.

As the pace of change accelerates and the complexity of the business environment evolves, Juana leads with curiosity, empathy, and with agility.  As an AWE Experience Maker, she brings a depth of experience to address a client’s unique challenges and goals to accelerate progress, and people practices needed to drive broader results of equity, belonging, and engagement across their business and amongst leaders, teams, and people. 

Engages & Connects

When facilitating Juana creates connections and innovative learning experiences, to guide people with different perspectives, personalities, and work styles to engage in essential conversations that lead to insights, awareness, growth, and action.  

An accomplished leader, Juana completed three combat tours in Iraq and had the honor of working in the Presidential Service Squadron, which served the U.S. President. She was one of only 37 Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOA) in the entire Marine Corps. During her tenure, she developed and initiated equal employment and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, developed and facilitated entry, mid, and executive-level training, provided data analysis, and formulated policies and procedures.

Juana has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and an Executive Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is using both her experience and education to empower others to be catalysts for change. 

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