Connection Services

Targeted Curriculum

Excellence Through Connections

Connection means to have an authentic, influential and growing relationship with ourselves, others, ideas and our environment.

Through our variety of professional development solutions, you will gain clarity, confidence and courage to step up, be visible and make a greater impact in your workplace through the power of connection.

We invite you to partner with AWE to design a solution that combines the content, sequencing, and method(s) of delivery that works best to unlock connection potential in you, your team and your organization.

Curriculum Descriptions

Accessing Authentic Power

Many believe that order to be validated as a leader, we must hide or modify certain aspects of our true selves. Over time, this behavior can lead to feeling isolated and lost. We believe that not only does being authentic give you power as a leader, but it is also what is needed in today’s complex and interconnected world. In this series, we explore a variety of topics that connect you to inner strengths of confidence, courage, vulnerability, and resilience and learn how to apply them to make more conscious choices.



Strengthening Leadership Presence

As we navigate our careers, we want to be viewed as credible, confident and ready to take on challenges. But, common unconscious behaviors, mindsets and communication missteps can impact our credibility and path to advancement. In this series, we explore a variety of topics including professional brand, executive presence, authentic self-promotion and strengthening your message with intention, all of which are designed to help you connect to your value and communicate it to others with authenticity and influence.



Strengthening Business Acumen

To continue to gain credibility as leaders and be able to influence the outcomes of business decisions, it is important to strengthen business acumen.  In this series, we explore a variety of topics including understanding the competitive business environment, making a compelling business case and raising strategic and financial acumen, all of which will support you in connecting your ideas to your target audience.



Influencing Through Relationships

To connect to others in a way that facilitates higher levels of collaboration and productivity requires understanding how you operate and how others operate.  In this series, explore a variety of topics including emotional intelligence, dynamic communication (DISC), leading and engaging teams, and strategic networking all of which will support you in building a network of relationships and connections to help increase your impact, influence and drive spectacular business results.

We offer models and assessments that provide insights into how to flex your own behaviors when needed and how to interpret and effectively respond to the behaviors of others.

Managing Difficult Conversations

The ability to manage difficult situations is critical to staying connected to others through the ups and downs of work.  In this series, we explore topics such as giving and receiving feedback, negotiation, and performance evaluations all of which are intended to learn how to keep anxiety at bay, find your voice and harness your strengths to develop a more confident, comfortable, effective approach to difficult conversations.



Accessing Creativity and Curiosity

Connecting to new ideas and having the curiosity and courage to experiment are critical to thriving in our ever-changing work environments.  In this series, we explore topics such as disrupting the default and effective brainstorming, all of which are intended to inspire bold moves or subtle shifts you can take to forge meaningful change to enhance business performance.




Navigating Workplace Dynamics

Larger forces and dynamics are always at play in any organization. Yet, many of us choose to ignore them, and that can impact our success. To influence people and outcomes, it is important to connect to what is happening beyond you and your teams. In this series, we explore topics such as power and politics and creating a more inclusive culture, both of which are designed to help you be more resilient and make smarter choices to build relationships and gain allies.



Our services of leadership, change and connection are woven into all our public programs and member resources.