Leadership Services

Targeted Curriculum

Agility Through Leadership

Today’s leaders are challenged with business environments that are constantly changing and many of the changes are substantive.

  • One of the most significant changes is the shifting demographics with women and people of color having greater presence and impact.
  • Change can be a very powerful catalyst for innovation and growth because it creates openings for new ideas, new capabilities, and greater degrees of resilience.
  • Leaders that proactively leverage these openings to create better outcomes and results are mastering the new leadership skill and competency of leading in a substantially and constantly changing environment.

The content of our leadership services focuses on developing and enhancing the specific leadership attributes needed to lead with this new competency: the new lens of leadership.

We invite you to partner with AWE to design a solution that combines the content, sequencing, and method(s) of delivery that works best to unlock leadership potential in you, your team and your organization.

Curriculum Descriptions

Supporting the Language and Practice of Inclusion

As leaders, we often question why all members of our team are not comfortable contributing their authentic ideas and perspectives. We should question this because many studies on diversity have affirmed that true diversity of thought based on unique and different experiences leads to the best solutions and results. As leaders, we also know that we must be intentional about creating the culture and, ultimately, the results that we want to achieve.

The Language and Practice of Inclusion is a combination of intentional leadership behaviors and practices that actively recognize and inspire diversity. We offer the tools to support these intentional practices. This is for you if you lead a team and want to create a more inclusive team culture.  It is also for you if you want to demonstrate your leadership potential by facilitating your own inclusion and the inclusion of others on your team.

Strengthening Responsive Leadership Competencies

The responsive leader possesses critical attributes that create and enable a culture of readiness and receptiveness to change, inclusion and engagement of others around them, and success with impact. The key attributes are: being visionary, being comfortable with what is not known, being demonstrably open to what others know and think, being an enabler of experimentation and collaboration, and being vulnerable. They can be learned and, through intentional practices, they can become natural and effective tools. We share the concepts, behaviors, and practical applications associated with these attributes.

Navigating the Organization Through Relationships

Awareness of self and others is critical to leading with agility, resilience, and inclusion. Every individual shows up at work and in life with certain beliefs, values, and experiences that drive the ways in which they behave in certain situations. As leaders, we must be aware of the ways in which we behave and show up to ensure that we are seen as we want to be seen and inspiring trust. We must also be keenly aware of the behaviors of others that we work with to assess how to most effectively work with them.

We offer models and assessments that provide insights into how to flex your own behaviors when needed and how to interpret and effectively respond to the behaviors of others.

Establishing the Leadership Foundation of Impact

One of the most powerful tools leveraged by outstanding leaders is passion and devotion to the impact that they want to have. In order to leverage this powerful tool we must be clear about the impact that will be uniquely ours. We take you through a process of exploring impact to gain clarity about the conditions that are present when you are most energized and at peak performance. Then, move to clarifying the connection to strengths, authenticity and passion and exploring opportunities to find and/or create those high impact experiences in your work. Finally, you will determine what choices and/or actions are necessary to increase impact.

Our services of leadership, change and connection are woven into all our public programs and member resources.