Change Services

Targeted Curriculum

Wisdom Through Change

Changes in any organization do not happen without people changing.

  • Too often, we speak about the vision of what will be and then proceed to do what we have always done and/or establish rules and policies that we think will force the change.
  • Real change is about moving people and they move by working through the challenge of changing behaviors.
  • In the absence of creating a culture of change readiness, practices, and tools, continuous change keeps coming without people having the ability or “know how” to assimilate the change.

We offer an extensive set of solutions that address the various aspects of change and the needs of individuals at varying levels in the organization.


We invite you to partner with AWE to design a solution that combines the content, sequencing, and method(s) of delivery that works best to unlock change responsiveness in you, your team and your organization.

Curriculum Descriptions

Thriving in the Midst of Change

Change is what is happening to us. Transition is what is happening inside us. And the more that we are able to be conscious of what is happening in us, assess it, and act on it we are able to effectively influence the change. The irony is that the nature of our work environment is to change and the nature of humans is to resist change. Yet, every change holds the gift of opportunity.

We offer concepts and tools for learning how to take the steps required to assess what the change offers us and create the outcomes that you want. You will learn how to move from struggling with change, to proactive transition by taking steps that enable you to create the opportunities and results you want.

Engaging Others with Change

Leaders are expected to naturally know how to lead change. Yet, most changes are not executed successfully. The primary reason for failure is that many leaders do not know the tools and approaches for leading people through change. Leading people through change is a capability that requires knowledge, guidance and practice.

We introduce several change leadership models/tools and related practices. We focus on work shopping each of these tools and practices so that you get experience applying them to the actual change occurring or about to occur within your organization. We propose “what if” scenarios so that you can anticipate and understand how to deal with the various situations that come up with change leadership.

Our services of leadership, change and connection are woven into all our public programs and member resources.  

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