Search & Rescue: Leadership Lessons from Four Legged Heroes

March 26, 2019 Breakfast Series
Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI
8:00am – 9:30am


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About the Morning

Search and Rescue is dangerous. Dogs must be able to move quickly and safely through things like pipes, crumbled walls, toppled cars, dense woods and wade through water and marshy areas in order to complete their search- looking for missing and the dead. Most of us can’t relate to being in these highly stressful situations. However, the relationship between a dog and their handler is uniquely focused on leadership, trust, play, team work, focus, and steady emotions that lead to accomplishing a common goal: successfully completing a search.

Like any team, effective communication is one of the keys to success. But here, effective communication can mean saving lives. Learn about the powerful life-saving bonds shared by Search & Rescue specialists, Jennifer Anderson and her dog, Ryder and how it has shaped her as a leader.  Through rigorous training, skilled handling, and mindful leadership, their profound partnership shows us what is possible when two species work together, rely on each other, and are dedicated to saving others.

Join us for a unique and surprising look into leadership lessons through the eyes of the handler and her working dog’s most spectacular organ — his nose!

Meet the Speakers

Jennifer P. Anderson & Ryder

Jennifer P. Anderson (Jen) is the principal and owner of Riverhorse Consulting, LLC  – a canine training company.  A graduate of the FBI New Haven Division Citizen’s Academy she has continued study in Forensics and Forensic Anthropology and integrates these disciplines into her training and knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of scent, and human and animal behavior. Jen is also an assistant instructor with the Veterinary Tactical Group (VTG) headquartered in NC whose mission is to provide quality triage veterinary medical training for military, Law enforcement and civilian canine handlers.

Jennifer is a certified canine search specialist with the State of Rhode Island Search and Rescue Team and Co-Instructor for the RI Canine Search and Rescue team. A Cadaver, Urban Disaster and Wilderness Instructor with the International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA). Jen works in assisting team members and IPWDA candidates prepare for certifications and deployment.  She works with her search certified canine partner, Ryder (6) and Finn (2) – both Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

By day, Jen is the Facilities Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Manager for Hexagon’s North American.

Her responsibilities include coordinating training for the 175 field service engineers and 125 plant staff; keeping the facilities operational; Due Diligence, Environmental Management Systems and running the sites’ respective security systems.   Jen started with Hexagon in 2010 in a succession planning role under the previous Facilities Manager however due to an accelerated need, she was named to the role of Facilities Manager north America in June 2011. The task is daunting but never boring and  she has the benefit of an exceptional small highly focused team.