Self-care Strategies : Prioritize Your Well-Being Under Crisis

In this 30 minute session, Katie McDonald will share strategies to help participants find ways to re-think self-care and ways to shift thinking through these circumstances.

My Ancestors’​ Story of Inclusion

In honor of Women's History Month and Inclusion Day, Tejal wanted to share her family's story of courage and inclusion.

Do you struggle with your goals? I do.

Many of us struggle with achieving goals in our fast-paced, complicated work environment. Read about Tejal's personal journey with this struggle and we do differently at AWE.

Spreading Connection not Contagion

In this 30 minute session, Dr. Judson Brewer starts with the brain science of anxiety and then offers pragmatic tips that you can start practicing including ways to build “mental immunity” and how to spread connection instead of contagion.

The Courage to Forge New Paths

Join us for a courageous conversation with Trace Ballard from the CIA who will share with us ways to forge new paths through courage and inclusion.

Guiding Your Choices by Creating a North Star

Join AWE in this 30 minute session where we will check-in to see what types of choices you’re facing, share the practice of creating a north star to guide decisions, and open space to share experiences with each other and with us

Making Choices – Are You Driven or Drawn?

We are driven by passion and fear of failure. While operating this way creates activity, movement, and change, it can also lead us down paths that don’t serve our best well-being. Learn more about how purpose affects our choices.

Search & Rescue

Check out Jennifer Anderson Ryder's unique partnership, all based on her eyes and his nose!

Limit or Lead

Today’s workplace is constantly changing and in need of quick adaption and forward-thinking. It’s more important now more than ever what is needed to level up your approach to leadership.

Misunderstood or Mismanaged

A strong relationship between managers and employees is essential and requires understanding and being understood on many levels. Take a listen to this panel and how different leadership styles can alter how employees work.

Focusing Innovation

Innovative thinking is one of the most sought after leadership competencies. Every workplace, business, and industry are faced with fast-paced market shifts and external forces – all creating disruptions. How can you focus?

Staying Human: Kevin’s Story

Read Kevin's story of how he stayed human through training and running his first half-marathon.

End of Summer Reflections

Fall is a time of rebirth and even though hot, long summer days are over, we have so much to look forward to! What are your plans to make that feeling of summer last?

Summer Sorry Detox

Studies show that individuals that over apologize are less respected, less likely to be believed in future apologies, and it can lower your self-esteem when approaching new endeavors. Click to read more and learn some ways to skip the many apologies for the summer.
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