Insight Session: #0008 Hispanic Heritage Month

Join Juana De Los Santos as talks with Jenny Bautista-Ravreby about their Hispanic Heritage and what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them.

Let Them Eat Honey Cake!

Read this blog to learn about what being Jewish means to Alex and how she is celebrating the Jewish New Year!

Insight Session #0007: Black Women’s Equal Wage Day and Women’s Equality Day

In this month's podcast, AWEs Kevin Matta is joined by Angela McCalla from the Women's Fund of RI as they discuss Black Women's Equal Wage Day and Women's Equality Day. Angela serves as the director of the Women's Policy Institute for the Women's Fund of RI, a local non-profit that serves to invest in women and girls through research, grantmaking, and strategic partnerships designed to achieve gender equity through systemic change.

Insight Session #0006: The Language of Inclusion

This month, we hear from AWE’s Director of DEI, Kevin Matta, and special guest, Ethan Huckel of Huckel Inclusive. Join the conversation about the language of inclusion and why it matters.

Women in the New Workplace

Join our conversation with Lisa Raiola on how Covid-19 has affected women in the workplace both current state and post-pandemic.

Taking Intentional Risk

Join us as we explore practices and tools that can help you take risks that lead to greater opportunity and potential.

Confidence Through Courage

In this conversation, we explore how knowing and transcending our fears, we can make more courageous and confident choices and decisions.

Growth Mindset

Mindset is everything. For most of us, we approach situations, and challenges on a continuum moving between a Fixed and Growth mindset. In this conversation, we learn the difference and why one trumps the other.

Recalibrating Your Day

In this conversation, we discuss practices to recalibrate your day, throughout the day, by “controlling the controllable” to lower emotional reactivity, even in face of daily stressors.

Creating Empathy Through Connection

In this conversation, we explore the value of empathy in the workplace. We discuss the beliefs, mindsets, and practices to help develop emotional awareness and a strong emotional vocabulary.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Read this month's blog by Kevin Matta on his views on mental health and what it has meant for him.
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