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As a service provider and member-based organization, Advancing Women’s Excellence provides a suite of services, workshops, events, resources and experiences designed to connect female leaders to strategic networks and learning forums where they can share ideas, cultivate skills and accelerate their success.

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Program Descriptions

Organizational Savvy

Recalibrating Office Politics: Strategies and Effective Practices

Female managers’ report that office politics was one of the things that repeatedly frustrated them. In fact, both men and women said that women are more likely to become nervous and uncomfortable in meetings when interpersonal conflicts and other political challenges arise. Politics in any organization is a fact. Yet, many women choose to opt out or avoid engaging in them, and that can impact her success. To influence people and outcomes, than like or not, there is a need to understand and know how to navigate office politics. In this session, participants will identify the level of office politics at play and assess the relationships and situations they want to influence. We share strategies for being more resilient and how smarter responses can help build relationships and gain allies.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. It is the foundation of sound decision-making and high performance. Organizations with higher levels of emotional intelligence reap benefits in productivity and success; therefore forward thinkers continue to mine it for business tools that lead to superior performance. Raising the emotional climate of any organization, department or team starts by raising the individual awareness. Using the EQ assessment, this session provides insight into “intrapersonal” and “interpersonal” emotional intelligence. Participants will gain an understanding of their EQ across these areas and the impact emotions have on effectively responding to the rapidly changing conditions in the business environments.  

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More related services can be found under Advancing Workplace Excellence. Any of the Advancing Workplace Excellence services can be tailored to meet the needs of the women in your organization.


Quiet Leadership

Business has a tendency to associate leadership with extroversion and bold personalities. But good leaders are not necessary loud and socially active people. Nor, does it mean that extroverts are better managers than their introverted counterparts. Introverts are commonly defined as more solitary, quiet, and having inward-focused behavior. But, they also lead with quiet confidence. In this session, we explore Susan Cain’s research and the powerful characteristics that help introverted leaders build on their quiet strength. Participants leave this session with a fresh understanding of the extraordinary talents, abilities and leadership introverts bring to the workplace and their leadership roles.

Authentic Leadership

Many believe that order to be validated as a leader, we must hide or modify certain aspects of our true selves. Over time, this behavior can lead to feeling isolated and lost. We believe that not only does being authentic give you clarity and power as a leader, but it is also what is needed today’s complex and interconnected world. This session delves into what it means to lead authentically, why it is important and what we can do be more authentic as a leader.

Wear the Mantle of Leadership at Every Level

Whether or not someone has a title, leadership exists at every level of the organization. In this session participants understand how to leverage their unique talents and strengths in support of the organization’s goals. Participants explore strategies to develop leadership skills, strengthen contributions and lead from wherever they stand.

Women’s Leadership Series

No matter where you are in your career, if you are looking to advance or better serve your current role, we have a leadership series for you. Our targeted curriculum strengthens business acumen and critical leadership skills, while providing you with strategies and action plans that can be applied immediately.  Learn more at Women’s Leadership Series.

More Related Services

More related services can be found under Advancing Workplace Excellence. Any of the Advancing Workplace Excellence services can be tailored to meet the needs of the women in your organization.

Communication and Team Engagement

Discover Dynamic Communication


Using the DISC report, participants gain a greater knowledge of themselves and insights into their individual communication and style and preferences. They are introduced to strategies to influence and to adapt their communication behaviors to be more effective with their peers, colleagues, supervisors and employees needed to meet the demands of their environment. Applying this knowledge to be: Skillful communicator in the service of team & organizational outcomes. Gain a deeper understanding individual preferences for influencing and communicating. Improve team communication, motivation and trust as well as prevent conflicts Exercises social & emotional intelligence. DISC TEAM Reports and training available.

Strengthen Your Message with Intention

As a woman navigates her career, she wants to be seen as credible, confident and ready to take on challenges. But, common unconscious behaviors, mindsets and communication missteps can impact her credibility and path to advancement. From not speaking up, to striving for perfection, to how she projects self-confidence, unconscious mistakes in any of these areas can erode self-esteem and drive her into accommodating behaviors. This session helps participants become aware of communication enablers and detailers and how to strategically strengthen her message with intention. Participants leave this session with strategies to transform communication from powered down to powerful!

Critical Conversations

Managers, supervisors, and team members need to give and receive positive, constructive, and corrective feedback many times a day. Being able to deliver feedback with clarity, consistency, and respect is a critical leadership skill; and being able to receive feedback without defensiveness is equally important. Part of giving constructive feedback, or receiving it, is grounded in how well we engage in active listening, as well as how we receive and deliver positive and constructive feedback with objectivity and sensitivity to those receiving critiques. In this session, we facilitate focused conversation on participant experiences with giving and receiving feedback and address the challenges to giving and avoiding giving feedback.

Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

The effective management of projects requires both the knowledge of the discipline and the experience of managing multiple projects. Professional, full time project managers have ample opportunities to develop both. However, due to the natural flow of work within organizations and the size and scope of many projects, professional project managers are not always available or needed for all projects. Managers and others within the organization that must step in and successfully manage these projects require knowledge of how to apply the basic tenets of project management.

The Generational Workplace: How to Engage Employees to Rise Above Generational Difference

As more boomers work past retirement age, and millennials continue to enter the workforce, it may seem as though there are stark differences in the values, communication styles and work habits of each generation. Left unaddressed, these real and perceived differences will become increasingly pronounced and problematic. And, in a few short years, there will be four generations in the workforce. Successful companies and their leaders should encourage, engage, and challenge their employees to rise above generational differences. This participatory session will support participants’ capacity to develop a multigenerational workplace culture that fosters a productive, efficient and harmonious work environment.

More Related Services

More related services can be found under Advancing Workplace Excellence. Any of the Advancing Workplace Excellence services can be tailored to meet the needs of the women in your organization.


Negotiating at Work: The Cost of Avoidance

Women often pass up the opportunity to negotiate for themselves. While research suggests confidence is a big issue, it’s not the only one. Many women often hold back because they worry about the backlash and “social cost” of negotiating. But, how can a woman thrive professionally without asking for what she needs? It is important she looks beyond not “asking” and understand the cost of avoidance. In this session, we discuss strategies to level the playing field, neutralize gender-related triggers, and overcome common barriers and mindsets. Participants learn why it is critical to keep anxiety at bay, find their voice and the harness strengths to develop a more confident, comfortable, effective approach to negotiation.

Negotiation: Critical Skills to Level the Playing Field

This highly experiential program is intended for participants to deepen their negotiation skill through case studies, peer coaching and practice.

Making the Business Case

Leadership at every level of the organization from individual contributor to executive is all about change all the time, but not every recommendation for change or improvement warrants a second look or money invested to make it happen. It starts with knowing how to make a compelling business case that engages and influences stakeholders. Most importantly, a business case must provide an opportunity for the business to determine whether a project is needed and the solution options are beneficial to the organization. In this workshop participants learn to apply strategic and critical thinking skills to develop ideas for change/improvement, map creative ideas for change against business strategy, learn the importance of developing a business case for their ideas and to effectively pitch their ideas to the right audience.

Strengthening Business and Financial Acumen

Moving up and contributing at a higher level starts with strengthening financial and strategic acumen and the key outcomes that executives – and anyone wanting to think like one – pay attention to and keep in balance. It starts with an understanding of the numbers in your line of the business as well as understanding the organizations financial indicators around goals, products, stakeholders, platforms, resources, regulations, geographies and markets. Sharpening these skills is critical to inspiring and motivating your team and driving vision forward. This workshop helps participants gain a greater understanding of the central role of financial and strategic acumen plays and the profound implications it has on your career advancement and success as a leader.

Disrupt the Default

This workshop is a call to action to shake up the way you think, speak, and act. Participants explore what bold moves or subtle shifts they can take to forge meaningful change to enhance business performance! Discover where you find yourself saying or thinking, “that can’t be done”, “that will never work”, “yes, but”, “we’ve never done that because”. It’s time to say NO to the status quo and reframe, reclaim, and regain our power to make change. This session will have you talking about change differently and provide you with the tools and strategies to start making it happen immediately!


Creating a Professional Brand of Distinction

A professional brand is one of the most important assets in business. It is a tool of influence and has “reputational” power that drives long-term value throughout a career. In this session, participants are introduced to strategies to create a professional brand of distinction. Participants begin with the discovery process by understanding what drives success, and how to identify unique strengths, values and attributes. Participants leave with strategies to manage and align their brand with the professional brand they want to cultivate.

Executive Presence

Executive presence. Most of us know it when we see it. It is a blend of temperament, credibility, competencies, and skills that, when combined, send all the right signals. Leaders who embody the “it” factor are able to drive business forward, project an authentic and confident style, ignite people’s passions, and win hearts and minds. They are self-aware and in-tune to how they are perceived by others. In this session, participants gain a deeper understanding of the essential elements needed to cultivate and polish their leadership brand and how their executive presence can set them apart.

Self Management

The Confidence Factor: Barriers to Overcoming Self-Doubt

The “confidence gap” is becoming crisis for women- especially in the workplace. And while it can be a challenge, the good news is that self-confidence can be learned and built on. In this session, participants explore the connection between confidence and action. We share how confidence plays a role in our careers – understanding how to develop it, and how to harness it. Additionally, we will discuss its influence on decision-making, risk-taking, and a willingness to absorb criticism. In today’s competitive workplace it is critical that women understand confidence is a career enabler. It motivates us to stretch, take risks and push for action. This session introduces participants to powerful tools and strategies to clear away the barriers.

Risk, Resilience, Resolution

Change is constant. People resist it. Organizations struggle implementing it. While it can be unsettling, it critical to plan for and be prepared for it. Being a “change leader” rests on your ability to help others overcome their resistance and motivate them to achieve positive results through change initiatives. In this session, participants explore the common barriers to change from mindset, fear, and anxiety to behaviors that can prevent progress. Interactive discussions focus on change strategies and communicating and embracing the new norm.

Self-Promote with Confidence and Ease

According to the latest research, women who were most proactive in making their achievements visible, advanced further, were more satisfied with their careers, and had greater compensation growth than women who were less focused on calling attention to their successes. Yet, many women still feel very uncomfortable trumpeting their accomplishments. But, knowing how to promote accomplishments needs to be a part of a woman’s career tool kit. It is critical to understand how to use the tools of “guiltless self-promotion” to level the playing field to communicate your value, show others you understand your worth and take credit for your achievements with ease. In this session, participants learn key strategies to effectively self-promote while bringing their authentic self to every interaction.

Cultivating a Courageous Mindset: How you think leads to success!

A courageous mindset gives leaders the edge to confidently accept challenges, take risks and overcome obstacles. It is what is needed to take bold decisive actions that propels the team and organization forward. In this session, participants learn the power of mindset and how it leads to courageous performance, innovation, confident communication, and resiliency.

Relationship Management

Connections and Conversations – Currency in Business

In this session, we discuss the power of connections and conversations. Every connection is an opportunity to shape expectations. Participants learn how a strong diverse network of relationships and connections will help increase your impact, influence and drive spectacular business results. We will review the different kinds networks and how to engage, connect, and leverage them in service of driving strategic outcomes and professional success.

Network and Build Enduring Relationships for Career Success

A strategic network is essential to business success. Yet, when it comes to networking, many women opt out. While women may have a love-hate relationship with networking, “opting out” is not an option – especially as they transition into new roles or levels of leadership. In this session, participants explore how to employ internal and external networks for strategic purposes. They learn how to connect with meaning and purpose and turn to their networks for support, feedback, insight, resources and information.

Networking Inside Company Walls

Having a strong network of relationships, both inside and outside of your organization, is one of your most powerful business tools that can support your career advancement. Often when we think about cultivating a strategic network, we focus on external connections. But, networking with internal colleagues is just as crucial. Well-networked people use networking as a tool to bridge the organization’s silos, navigate internal politics, and access to senior leaders or others who can influence your career progression. In this interactive session, we guide participants through strategies and activities to lay the groundwork for successful internal networking.

Keys to Creating Successful Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring is widely considered a critical component to career success. Most understand the value and importance of mentoring relationships but seek guidance after the “match”. This session helps participants move the conversation from “advice mentoring” to “advance mentoring”. Participants leave with strategies for getting optimal benefits from their mentoring relationships including how to can engage in more powerful mentoring conversations that support a protégé’s career development and leadership.

Work-Life Integration

Break Down Barriers to Peak Performance

This workshop focuses on the inspiration, empowerment tools, and strategy to break through barriers that hold us back. It starts with the “inner game”, training the mind to succeed with awareness, choice and commitment and bringing that focus to the “outer game” with structure, strategy and support. This interactive workshop which will touch on goal setting, planning for success, building support, training the mind and managing time. We will create a framework for action that will motivate, inspire and sustain performance through the achievement of our goals.

Strategies for Optimal Focus and Discipline

In today’s culture, we’re bombarded by distractions, sidetracked by ubiquitous devices and taught that we should be working on eight things simultaneously. This sensory onslaught achieves nothing but overstimulation and ineffectiveness. In this workshop, we’ll cover the persistent art of distraction control, learn why multitasking is wildly inefficient and hone our ability to concentrate with simple technological tools. We introduce techniques that improve focus, develop simple strategies for reining in the tyranny of the screen and create clarity from which your best work and best life will result.

Lead a Deliberate Life

Most of us are seeking fulfillment within our entire life — one that allows us to pursue our passions and goals in both life and career. But, with the rise of stress, hectic lifestyles, and demanding jobs, finding satisfaction is challenging at best! We are all expected to do more, and get more done than ever before. And for most of us, the pace continues at home until the moment we put our head on the pillow and have to do it all again the next day. To live your best life, think like a leader who can generate support systems where they need it and creates change where they want it. In this session, participants identify their current alignment between work-life integrations. They are introduced to smart steps they can take to manage their energy more effectively, integrate work, home, community, and self that will make them a more productive leader and a more fulfilled person.

Fuel Performance by Effectively Managing Energy

Energy is the “X” factor in engagement – the “pulse of productivity” and “performance.” Leaders and team members are expected to adapt to the fast pace of organizational changes while keeping things moving forward and fulfilling strategic goals. Whether it is responding to endless urgency and increased demands, instinctively people tend to focus on putting in longer hours as the path to getting more done. But is this pace sustainable? Productive? What impact does it have on people’s energy and effectiveness? In this workshop, we look at the research, strategies and actionable practices to managing energy across key areas that help move people from the “survival zone” into the “performance zone.

Women in the Workplace Series

Gender Dynamics & Inclusive Leadership Workshop

This workshop provides a framework for identifying the critical factors necessary for creating a more inclusive and collaborative culture. In this session, we share data to facilitate discussions and exercises to help the group talk openly and honestly with each other about gender differences as well as help diagnose unconscious gender biases, assumptions, informal behaviors and unspoken attitudes within the organization’s culture. This workshop will deepen the group’s knowledge of gender related research, the economic business case for shared leadership and strategies for retaining and advancing top talent.

Mentors, Champions and Sponsors – Relationships that Ignite Advancement for Women

Having advocates, mentors, champions and sponsors is what is needed for advancing to higher levels in organizations. And these relationships give women the opportunity to excel. But, men and women not only confuse sponsorship with mentoring, they often don’t engage “right conversations” or relationship strategies to maximize guidance and support. In this session, we define the differences of these career development relationships and why they are critically important for retaining and advancing women through the talent pipeline.