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Future Proof Your Career

In face of the disruption and the unrelenting requirement to become evolution ready, now is the time for leaders at every level to be curious, inclusive, courageous, and innovative as we navigate the unchartered pathways and emerge into the NEW future of work.

Whether you are an aspiring leader, manager, executive or small business owner, it is time to future proof your career by strengthening the most critical skills, capabilities, and mindsets.

An Evolution Ready AWE Membership offers access to evolving learning journeys, relevant and responsive training and essential multi-media resources needed to remain agile,  resilient and most importantly, continually evolve leadership competencies.

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Evolve Critical Leadership Competencies

Each month AWE releases new sets of tools, evolution ready strategies, and experiences anchored in the competencies of Human Lens of Leadership:

  • Expand authentic influence amid ambiguity, disruption, and unprecedented change
  • Emerge with strength, courage and resilience by navigating the future with emotional agility
  • Be a catalyst of inclusive engagement in a diverse and virtually connected world

AWE Evolution Ready Membership Includes:

  • Conversations and Connections –  take a break and attend focused discussion forums where AWE leaders provide leadership and professional development strategies to help you future proof your career.
  • Access Spotlight Conversations with innovative business leaders sharing their responses to stay “evolution-ready” in an ever-changing business climate.
  • Learn Human Lens Practices – learn essential practices to help strengthen your leadership competency, as well as soulful self-care practices to help restore, regain and reset.
  • Stay Current and Connected with AWE eNews – access to the latest information, ideas, and thought leadership curated by the AWE team to help you stay connected to content, concepts, services, and programs.
  • View On-Demand Premium Content anytime & anywhere –  access webinars, trainings, and videos, podcasts from AWE’s library of recorded interviews and programs.
  • Special Member Pricing – leverage best pricing on AWE programs and Leaders Series including Inclusive Leadership, Women in Leadership, Reach for Small Business, and more.

2020 Monthly AWE Humanizing the NEW Future of Work Themes

OCTOBER: Embrace Unchartered Pathways: We will help you embrace the mindset of living and operating in a TUNA world: Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel, and Ambiguous.  During the month of October, the focus will be on staying grounded in your values, handling emotions under pressure, and fostering strong awareness needed in the evolving virtual work environment.

NOVEMBER: Expand Meaningful Connections – AWE will guide you with new practices to expand your network and more inclusively engage with others in and out of the workplace. We will cover the steps to building effective virtual relationships with new agile team structures designed to solve urgent issues. With AWE, you’ll realize you are not alone in your challenges and learn how your peers can help you evolve.

DECEMBER: Leverage Inclusion to Drive Innovation: Learn with AWE how you can embrace inclusion for greater team engagement, higher performance, innovative solutions, and better business outcomes. When there is greater inclusion, we are more open to new ways of problem-solving and we experience stronger interpersonal relationships.


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