Resource Group Membership

One of the most obvious impacts of COVID-19 has been the dramatic change in the way we work. As the future of work is being reimagined in a post-covid world, there is an unrelenting requirement to become evolution-ready.  Now is the time to recalibrate, reset and understand the shifts and trends needed to emerge successfully into the EVOLVING future of work.

As new realities emerge, and we collectively transition to the new next, staying visible and feeling connected is more critical than ever. Resource Groups provide an avenue and valuable connection point for employees to find support and engage with one another.

Many Resource Group volunteer leaders are driven by their passion to be a champion that connects a community’s voice, visibility, and belonging to foster inclusivity in the workplace. However, given the demands and responsibilities of their day jobs, resource leaders often experience common challenges including balancing their time, managing limited budgets, rallying support, sustaining momentum and member engagement.
AWE’s Resource Group Membership provides group leaders with access to turn-key resources and curated tools to evolve their leadership and the resource group’s sustainability and impact.

AWE provides resource group leaders with access to:

  • Quarterly Resource Group Briefs –  Monthly 5-minute Resource Group Leader Briefs (video and/or sound bite) share best practices, address challenges, explore solutions and other relevant topics and trends
  • Tools Delivered – AWE’s Resource Group Newsletter provides easy access to tools, videos, and downloadable resources delivered through a themed newsletter each month.
  • Easy, accessible, bite-sized content is designed to support the resource leaders and the group’s evolution and sustainability.
  • Advisory Services –  AWE advisory services to understand challenges needed to better align and harness the unique power and perspective of resource groups to advance DEI priorities and business impact
  • Resource Group Leaders Training – A unique training to support resource group leaders at your organization that ignites their purpose and impact. We discuss their vision, and challenges, explore strategies, and most importantly, an opportunity to create powerful partnerships among resource group leaders
  • Annual support starts at $5,000

To learn more about Resource Group Membership and other DEI services and training, contact Rachael Gavin, Chief Strategist of Equity and Advocacy at rgavin@aweconnects.com