Making Choices - Are You Driven or Drawn?

April 24, 2019

Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI


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About the Day

Our culture reveres certainty, ambition and drive.  Both professionally and personally, we set goals and strategies, and expect ourselves to stick to them relentlessly.  On a daily basis we oscillate between being driven by our passion to achieve and our fear of failure.  While operating this way creates a lot of activity, movement and change, it can also lead us down paths that don’t serve our best well-being in the long run or closes us off from unforeseen opportunities.

Occasionally we are drawn to choices that intuitively feel attractive, even though our rational minds (and the minds of others around us) may not know the exact reason why.  Allowing ourselves to be drawn to more intuitive choices can lead us to unexpected opportunities, new connections and perhaps a totally different path.

To be an agile change leader, whether you are leading yourself or others, is a balance of being driven by purpose and allowing yourself to be drawn to new potential.  

You will hear from two leaders who have personal and professional change journeys where the drive by purpose has allowed them to navigate fear, resistance and uncertainty, and how new possibilities manifested when they allowed themselves to be drawn to the unknown.

Meet the Speakers

Meet Jeff Costa

Personal Trainer, Recovery Coach, Retreat Leader and Transformational Yoga Teacher with 30 years of experience in movement, health and wellness.  A graduate of Boston University’s College of Liberal Arts and the Kripalu School of Yoga and Health, Jeff is engaged in teaching experiences that summon and expand a passion for living.

Jeff’s extraordinary journey through challenges such as coming out, surviving substance use disorder and other health issues brought him to his knees, and home to Massachusetts following ten years as a celebrity fitness trainer in Los Angeles.  Immersed in the healing of yoga, pranayam and meditation, everything changed; Jeff now leads himself and others from isolation to community, from secrecy to self-love, from addiction to recovery, from darkness to light.

Jeff guides practices to reveal our intelligent, compassionate true nature as healing for ourselves and for each other, believing that together we can all create a life we love to live.  

Jeff Costa is the Director of All That Matters, Providence and can be found leading weekly classes and monthly workshops.

Meet Jackie Mancini

Director of Corporate Development for Mancini Beverage, a family-run distribution business in Rhode Island and Connecticut. In this role, Jackie develops and implements strategic growth initiatives across multiple channels. She enjoys creating dynamic and inspirational environments that empower her project teams to achieve results. Prior to joining her family’s business, Jackie practiced corporate law in Providence, RI.