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Level Up: Limit or Lead

September 12, 2019

Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI


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About the Day

Today’s leaders are consistently found in the midst of change – needing to adapt, think ahead, be more conscientious, and resilient. And no matter your level or title, you are continually leading and influencing the people around you.  Given the evolution of the workplace, it is now more important than ever to understand what is needed to “level up” and evolve your approach to leadership.

Our panel with Tim Hebert, CEO, Trilix and Stephanie Preston COO, Digital Transformation at Citizens Bank, offers their unique perspectives and leadership experiences to discusses the consistent and important themes for leveling up leadership. Whether it is leveling up through awareness or empathy, or leading with greater authenticity, courage, or inclusion, when leaders build trusted connections and relationships, they expand their effectiveness and impact. While some leaders may cling to rigid ways, the ones who level up will be the ones who embrace growth, elevate impact and achieve new levels of success. 

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Meet the Speakers

Meet Tim Hebert

CEO, Trilix

Tim appreciates the multiple points of perspective it provides, be it looking up, down or sideways. He delights in the lack of equilibrium caused by the weight of a backpack and incline juxtaposed with the freeness that comes in inching closer to the summit. He celebrates the unique obstacles it throws without warning—from harsh conditions to treacherous terrain. But, more importantly, he recognizes the leadership lessons derived along the way.

To Tim, every business hurdle and personal challenge mimics a climb, presenting both accomplishment and steep, seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Those challenges, Tim believes, are really just masquerading as untapped opportunities—the chance to do something different and better.

A perennial entrepreneur, innovator and adventurer, Tim sees the opportunity to affect change everywhere and is passionate about helping others do the same. A voracious author and seasoned speaker, he enjoys exploring concepts related to intentional leadership, business transformation and professional and personal introspection. A business owner for well over two decades—and the current CEO of Trilix, an application development and systems integration company—he believes leaders can and need to do better. He believes effective leaders need to embrace the climb.

Meet Stephanie Preston

COO, Digital Transformation, Citizens Bank

Stephanie’s adept at leading complex strategic management initiatives and managing teams to achieve unprecedented results. With a wealth of experience in leadership, human capital and business unit management, Stephanie is most effective in environments that require analyzing people, processes and problems to achieve organizational excellence. Currently, she is Chief Operating Officer, Digital Transformation at Citizens Bank.  Stephanie holds a B.S. and B.A. in Economics and Spanish from Duke University and an MBA from MIT.

Civically, Stephanie serves on the boards of Moses Brown School, Montessori Community School of RI, Teach for America, The Governor’s Workforce Board and Rhode Island Public Transit Authority. Past board roles include: Board Chair, College Visions; President, Moses Brown Alumni Association; Treasurer, Community Works Rhode Island; Development Committee Chair, Community Preparatory School; and Board Member, Providence Summerbridge, Greater Elmwood Neighborhood Services and The National Coalition of 100 Black Women.

Stephanie and her husband are raising three daughters and live in Providence. 

Plus: She’s equipped with an infectious laugh and an extra–ordinary sense of humor.

Conversation Facilitator 

Lisa Bergeron, Managing Partner & Chief Visionary Officer, AWE

An accomplished business leader, Lisa Bergeron is the Founding Partner and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of AWE, Advancing Workplace Excellence. Lisa brings a unique blend of strategic vision, business savvy, and depth of experience to steer AWE’s course into the future. An architect of relationships and connections, Lisa is a catalyst, progressive, and innovative thinker who creates pathways to explore, expand, and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

AS CVO, Lisa leads AWE’s vision for driving outstanding business growth and revolutionary strategies to expand AWE’s value and customer experiences. Performance oriented, Lisa is a trusted advisor and partner who provides insightful guidance and thought-leadership to uncover business needs and envision solutions to ensure clients realize their ambitions for growth, development, and exceptional business performance.

Lisa is an active member of the business community serving on the Boards of the American Heart Association, Coastline EAP, and a founding member of the United Way Women’s Leadership Council and Vision 2020’s RI. She has been recognized as Women of Achievement by the YWCA, and as a Wise Women by the National Organization of Italian American Women. Lisa combines her passion for travel with photography and resides in Bristol, RI with her husband Phil.