Leading with Authentic Influence

Together with Wendy Montgomery and Calandra Jarrell we explore what it means to lead with authentic influence. 

In today’s world, leadership is influence, plain and simple. With that definition, if you are influencing any outcome in your organization, then you are a leader. In our lives and work, when we engage with leaders who influence us authentically, we feel elevated, inspired, motivated, and empowered to contribute to our fullest potential. When we can ourselves demonstrate authentic leadership with others, then the effect of empowerment ripples across our teams, and together we are able to find better solutions, be more creative, and feel deeper connection and satisfaction at work.

We were excited to speak with two amazing authentic leaders: Wendy Montgomery, SVP, Global Brand, Marketing and Communications at IGT, and Calandra Jarrell, Senior Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion Executive for Bank of America. Together we are going explore what it means to lead with authentic influence.

"The best leaders are self-aware and inspire others with their personal power."
‐Calandra Jarrell

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