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Championing Inclusive Leadership

While workplaces may be moving in the right direction, changing mindsets, beliefs, and culture take time. AWE brings our team’s core expertise and deep commitment to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging practices to this exceptional leadership series.

Recognizing the deep challenges, disruption and divisiveness people and organizations have been experiencing, this program is designed to support a leader’s journey to championing awareness, expand connectedness and focus on human-centric leadership practices needed to make substantial, and lasting shifts needed to shed biases, to impact real change and create transformational cultures of respect by embracing differences and benefits all. This program is designed for managers, directors and others who have responsibilities for leading teams and/or departments within the organization.

Enrolling Now – Series Begins September 2021

AWE invites you to take this journey to expand, empower, embrace a bold and courageous call to leadership and to take action to foster inclusion and belonging. Learn More and Register

Women Who Influence

This program is designed to help women leaders rise up to the unique challenges and thrive in the new next normal. Understanding the seismic shift in the way we work, the Women Who Influence Series ignites the opportunities for women to lead and influence with renewed authenticity and human connection.

Throughout the session, we explore strategies to adjust and strengthen communication, to proactively elevate your leadership brand, to amplify your confident voice when advocating and negotiating, to develop, sustain and deepen relationships, even amid the challenges of hybrid work environments, and to reestablish work–life boundaries for well-being.

The Women Who Influence Series is a confidential and trusted cohort learning journey for rising women leaders who are middle managers, experienced individuals that are project leads, supervisors, frontline managers, and/or employee resource leads. Sessions create dedicated space for interactive discussions, reflections and action-oriented strategies to expand important competencies and skills to bolster impact and influence. 2021 Registration – Sold Out

Contact us at awe@aweconnects.com to learn more about enrolling in our next series.

At AWE, we are ‘architects of possibility’ - catalysts who spark new ways of thinking, behaving and igniting connection points to expand awareness, openness, growth and courageous action....
‐ Lisa Bergeron

Leadership Series

Champions for Inclusion – 2021

October 05, 2021 - December 07, 2021

Private: Women Who Influence – 2021

April 15, 2021 - June 24, 2021

Small Business Programs (Closed)

Past Events

Exploring Different Shades of Brave

In our spotlight conversation, we speak with global leadership coach Eunice Carpitella about how we lean into being brave in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. The more you recognize your shades of bravery, allow yourself to be more vulnerable and practice courageous action, the more resilient you become to adversity and unexpected twists.

Become an Insight Hunter: Unleash Creativity By Looking in Unusual Places

Creativity can thrive under conditions of crisis. Ambiguity ignites the courage to pivot, experiment, test, play, fail, and hunt for inspiration. When in pursuit of creativity, knowledge is not found in the usual places. But to see it requires being curious and open, without judgment, to what is being presented.

Healing From Racial Trauma

This event is presented by DAIP

Courageous Conversations

In order for us to be a part of positive change, we must be willing to have courageous conversations that help us expand our thinking and work collectively towards real change. In this Free Friday conversation, we explore the mindset of courage and how we can all lean into more courage in this time of need so that we can be of real service to our community

Working from Home Under Crisis

In our quest to stay human in a “remote nation,” join us for a panel discussion that connects you to the most important strategies to stay connected and navigate the shift in the way we work in a virtually connected workplace.
This program has so much great information and tools that you can continue to use in the workplace regardless of company or title. I was engaged throughout all of the sessions and looked forward to each one.
‐ Workshop Attendee

Inclusive Leaders

In today’s highly uncertain, fast-paced, diverse and constantly changing environment, it takes a new type of leader to thrive and succeed.  This program is designed using the framework and methodology of the Human Lens of Leadership. Through exploration, interactive discussions and skill-building work, this series helps participants leverage the necessary leadership strategies and perspectives needed to intentionally create an inclusive and agile culture where their teams are deeply engaged, collaborative and responsive to changing dynamics.

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