Inclusive Leaders Series

Begins Sept 5th
Multi-Part Leadership Series
AWE – 60 Valley St. Providence, RI 02909

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About the Program

In today’s highly uncertain, fast-paced, diverse and constantly changing environment, it takes a new type of leader to thrive and succeed.  This program is designed using the framework and methodology of the New Lens of Leadership. Through exploration, interactive discussions and skill building work, this series helps participants leverage the necessary leadership strategies and perspectives needed to intentionally create an inclusive and agile culture where their teams are deeply engaged, collaborative and responsive to changing dynamics.


Who should attend

This program is designed for managers, directors and others who have responsibilities for leading teams and/or departments within the organization.

What to Expect

As a participant of this leadership series you will:

  • Explore the root of why, what, and most importantly, how leadership competencies must change to be relationship focused, introspective, and inclusive.

  • Develop a deeper awareness of the importance and challenges of authentic people-centric leadership, delving deeper into two core competencies of emotional intelligence; self-awareness and social-awareness.

  • Cultivate a leader’s mindset through the lens of inclusion and how to demonstrate inclusive leadership behaviors and engage in inclusive communication.

  • Acquire knowledge for creating an inclusive culture, including understanding unconscious bias and how to have meaningful and inclusive conversations.

  • Enhance your capacity to lead sustainable change including leading yourself and others through transition.

  • Utilize assessments, assignments and action planning to enhance your leadership capabilities through inclusion.

Dates for series are:

September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th, and debrief after breakfast on November 20th

And More…

Participation includes attending breakfast events

Breakfast Dates: Sept 12th, Oct 16th, Nov 20th, 8am-9:30am with 2hr. wrap up session follows the breakfast event 8am-12pm – Crowne Plaza,  Warwick, RI