I hear from many individuals “you’re so nice,” “you’re so patient,” or, “you always have a smile.” My response to those individuals is always something along the lines of “thank you – I try.” The truth is, I do try, and I try with efficacy. 

Efficacy is defined as “the ability to produce a desired or intended result.” 

Those of you that know me personally, know that I am usually a very joyful, energetic, and talkative (yes, very chatty) individual. What you may not know is that I had a stutter from a young age until I was about 12 years old. Growing up, I had to overcome many barriers, including speaking two languages (Spanish & English) with a stutter. It wasn’t until I found myself in front of a group of people at the age of 12, with a microphone in my face, that I spoke so clearly that someone could have assumed I didn’t have a speech impairment. It was in that moment that I found myself at a crossroad. I could either step back, excuse myself, and not face this. Or, I could try, with intention to produce the desired result I had longed for. And, for the first time, I overcame my biggest barrier: myself. I was able to let go of the past stories that had been written by me, for me, and were set in place to shield me from the discomfort of facing a new story. 

As I reflect on these moments, I am thankful that I tried to push through that situation and not let my past experiences create a story for my future. Now, I live in a world that I have designed for myself with endless opportunities. Since that moment, I have done a mix of things that include: learning how to play multiple instruments, singing in front of large groups, hosting large events, learning new tools and skills, speaking on the radio, appearing on TV, and I know this is just the beginning for me. 

As you read this, are there things you desire to be doing? Maybe it’s starting your own business? Beginning a YouTube channel? Learning a new skill? Moving into a new role? 

What is one thing you could try to do differently today, with efficacy that could move you one step closer?

Share with us somethings you’d like to try that are new for you or share something you’ve overcome and how you were able to do it.

With Light,

Kevin Matta
Sr. Inclusion & Engagement Business Partner