Tulay Lawton

Manager and Wine & Food Educator, The Savory Grape

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A gourmet chef and wine lover, Tulay grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, a place famous for its wide variety of cuisine from its heritage of the Ottoman Empire. Its cuisine offers a fusion of Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Mediterranean influences. From an early age, Tulay dedicated herself to mastering these unique techniques and catering professionally. Migrating her passion, in 2001 she moved to America and started her own catering business in Rhode Island. After moving to New England, her life involved going to culinary school, learning about great wines and traveling to different vineyards. In 2008, she graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in culinary arts and hit the ground running. She then traveled around western Turkey for a month just to tour the spectacular vineyards there. At The Savory Grape, Tulay weaves her knowledge, expertise and love of wine into her everyday culinary experiences and runs the wine education programs.

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Located 15 minutes south of Providence in beautiful East Greenwich, The Savory Grape is one of the premier wine shops in Rhode Island, opening in 2006 by partners and wine lovers Jess & Nino Granatiero.

The Savory Grape more than a wine shop. It’s a gathering place for people to share in their love of not only wine, but also unique craft brews & spirits.