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I wanted to personally answer this question. Yes of course there is an Alayne White! I thought you may want to know about my philosophy and where I am when I am not at the spas.

I have been in the beauty business for over 25 years, even longer if you count all of the makeup trades I use to coordinate at the many sleepovers I had with my girlfriends when I was 12. After esthetics school in Boston when esthetics was just coming on the horizon, I apprenticed a really smart woman in an upscale facial salon and learned a lot. I went on to work for a few hair salons that had skin care rooms attached and finally worked at the first spa to open on Aquidneck Island. I worked there as the spa director and eventually the spa manager for almost 10 years and learned so much from the owner, Judy Chaves, who is still one of my most cherished mentors to this day.

During this time, I worked for Aveda when it was just coming into the marketplace as an educator. After realizing that I couldn’t grow anymore at the spa, I took a fulltime job for Aveda. It was here where I started to really shape my business model for exceptional client care that guides my principles to this day.

I worked for Aveda for almost 12 years in many capacities and then when Estee Lauder purchased it, I left and started my own facial business. This was 16 years ago and my 2 spas are based on my years of experience and love for both the business of beauty and for the women (and occasional man) who grace us with their presence every day and remind me of why I love this business I call beauty.

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We deliver high-quality, results-oriented skin care — without all the “supposed to be” stuff in the way. Come in your pjs, your yoga pants, with your diaper bag purse. Just bring the real you, because we all like that chick better anyway. You’ll meet a truthful, authentic community of women, here to provide the respite you (and your skin) so deserve.