Women Who Influence – 2020

April 09, 2020
AWE Offices - 60 Valley St. Suite 6b, Providence, RI 02909

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This energizing, multi-session leadership program, is designed to elevate women in the workplace by strengthening her abilities to influence strategically and effectively. A collaborative atmosphere – participants learn alongside other rising women leaders and benefit from the collective experiences of the group. Interactive discussions, skill-building work and guest presentations provide a unique forum to strengthen leadership competencies, expand perspectives, and explore strategies to move purposely through leadership challenges.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other....
‐ John F. Kennedy


Establish new connections, gain research-based insights, reflect, share, and practice in a trusted space while having the opportunity to apply concepts over the course of the journey.

Sessions are tailored to help participants evolve and grow their leadership style with authenticity, focusing on these dimensions.

More information and dates to come.


This series is designed for rising women leaders who want to lead and contribute at higher levels. Recommended for managers, supervisors, advisors, project manager/team leads, or equivalent experience.


Meet Lisa Bergeron

An accomplished business leader, Lisa Bergeron is the Founding Partner and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of AWE, Advancing Workplace Excellence. Lisa brings a unique blend of strategic vision, business savvy, and depth of experience to steer AWE’s course into the future. An architect of relationships and connections, Lisa is a catalyst, progressive, and innovative thinker who creates pathways to explore, expand, and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

AS CVO, Lisa leads AWE’s vision for driving outstanding business growth and revolutionary strategies to expand AWE’s value and customer experiences. Performance oriented, Lisa is a trusted advisor and partner who provides insightful guidance and thought-leadership to uncover business needs and envision solutions to ensure clients realize their ambitions for growth, development, and exceptional business performance.

Meet Tejal Tarro

Tejal Tarro is Managing Partner and Chief Services Officer (CSO) of AWE, Advancing Workplace Excellence, a female-owned organization dedicated to expanding human potential in the workplace through tailored learning experiences. As CSO, Tejal creates uniquely evolutionary learning experiences for corporations and individuals across all levels. Tejal also leads the operations within AWE to provide the best possible client value and service.

Tejal has over 25 years of organization development, change management and business consulting experience in several industries, including: health care, retail, manufacturing and high tech/information management. She has been in management consulting in large global strategy consulting firms and has led several large-scale change initiatives. In working with clients, Tejal is known for her authenticity, empathetic listening and a deep understanding of human challenges in the workplace. Tejal is also an avid practitioner of mindfulness, which allows her to approach her work with a sense of awareness and inclusion.

Please contact Alexandra Pastor at apastor@aweconnects.com for more information, dates, and how to register.