To Be Human Is To Do It Imperfectly

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November 19, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Virtual via Zoom

Failure is not option? Or is it? Should the question you ask yourself be ‘How far do I keep going before I declare that it’s “good enough”?’

So often, our unconscious mindsets lead us down the unproductive quest for perfection. Whether you are a leader, or team member, or someone who wants to move into action more quickly, make better decisions, or be more innovative, it is time to rewire your perspective on perfection. To be human is to do it imperfectly. Perfection is a trap. It robs us of confident decision making, flexibility and creativity. ‘Good’ is never good enough.

This month we explore “perfectionism” and how to shift from ‘It needs to be done right (perfectly), or else it’s a failure’, to embracing the mindset of being human, recognizing our wins, and recognizing success without perfection.


Collaboration and Teamwork, Decision Quality, Communicates Effectively, Plans and Aligns 


To Be Human Is To Do It Imperfectly