The New Connected Workplace

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December 11, 2020
12:10 pm - 1:00 pm
Virtual via Zoom, EST

In our spotlight conversation, we hear from Lisa Bergeron and Kevin Matta from AWE as they discuss how to address cultivating connections in the new normal of our workplace.

About this Conversation

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While working remotely has it perks – no commutes and more flexible schedules – most of us are starting to feel challenged by the lack of consistent in-person interactions with our teams, clients, and people within our networks. With networking and business functions far and few between, there is an undercurrent pulling us further and further away from strategic relationship building.

But even as new realities emerge in how we will connect and network, we know (and still want) supporters, champions and networks of relationships. Given it’s unlikely that you’ll be sitting down to share a latte with a client, or be connecting with colleagues at a work event or attending an industry conference anytime soon, you may wondering, how do I continue to build and maintain my strategic networks and trusted relationships?

In this conversation, we will discuss our current challenges and offer practical strategies about how to best communicate, network and connect with intention.  If you feel your relationships and networking have been on “pause”, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Meet Lisa Bergeron

An accomplished business leader, Lisa Bergeron is the Founding Partner and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of AWE. Lisa is a trusted advisor and partner, who provides clients with insightful guidance to uncover business needs and envision solutions to realize their ambitions for growth, development, and exceptional business performance.

As CVO, Lisa leads AWE’s vision for humanizing the future of work. She brings a unique blend of strategic vision, business savvy, and depth of experience to steer AWE’s course into the future. An architect of relationships and connections, Lisa is a catalyst, progressive, and innovative thinker who creates pathways to explore, expand, and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Meet Kevin Matta

Kevin Matta is the Director of Inclusion and Diversity for AWE. Kevin is an active inclusive and diversity practitioner and has over 15 years of service in the non-profit, healthcare, and financial industry. Kevin brings a focus on client success and human engagement to AWE through his dynamic background of roles, expertise, and ability to make connections.

As a diversity and inclusion practitioner, Kevin has a proven track record of helping individuals raise their awareness, shift their thinking, and understanding new topics in a way that is meaningful for them. Through his experience, Kevin has supported individuals from all levels, communities, and abilities through a lens of intentional inclusion.


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