We hear it all the time –weather in New England is crazy, unpredictable, and typically drastic. The long winter pushes into what feels like a longer spring, which pushes into pollen season, then finally what we’ve all been waiting for, summer! There’s a mad dash to soak up sun on the beaches and appreciate the warm weather before it’s gone. The sun sets later and allows us even more time to appreciate this beautiful place where we live.

Right now, it’s mid-September and fall is approaching with a vengeance. The crispness in the air creates a strong pressure to enjoy what’s left before we go into hibernation mode, but is there a way to maximize this feeling of enjoyment and not let it slip away as soon as the temperature drops?

In many ways the switch from warm, summer days to crisp Fall mornings shows the uncomfortable relationship many of us have with change. Typically, there are many day to day things we can control – what we eat for dinner, which commute we take to get to work, but the seasons changing is something that we very much can’t control. Rather than focus so much on the these changes, it’s important to keep making choices for ourselves that allow us to enjoy the difference in seasons.

In order to avoid slipping into the end of summer woes, it’s important to keep looking towards next season’s benefits. Make plans to go on a hike, or go apple picking. Autumn, for example, brings forth a new round of crops – fresh, local apples, broccoli, cauliflower, just to name a few. For me, I try to take some time each day to go outside and see the sun, if only for a few minutes. There’s something to be said about a fresh walk outside and breathing in different air. Will I do this in January when it’s 5 degrees? Probably not, but I try to take advantage of the sun being out when I can and appreciate what we have!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp In the fall” is one of my favorite quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fall is a time of rebirth and even though hot, long summer days are over, we have so much to look forward to! What are your plans to make that feeling of summer last?