Do you struggle with your goals? I do.

Many of us struggle with achieving goals in our fast-paced, complicated work environment. Read about Tejal’s personal journey with this struggle and we do differently at AWE.

Even though I am the co-creator of my own business, I struggle with being pulled daily into what feels urgent, often putting off working on strategically important goals for another day, which may become another week, another month, and sadly maybe even another year.

Even though I practice mindfulness, I struggle with daily anxiety and doubt about how I can achieve my goals when they can feel so big, far off and ambiguous. In this state of anxiety and doubt, I often unconsciously focus on what feels small, safe and easy, pushing down my deeper knowing that this hamster wheel isn’t going to really get me where I want to go.

Even though I know what impact I want to create with our clients, our experiences and our team, I know I can’t do it alone. I know that our goal is a shared one, and I struggle with how to align, influence, and engage everyone around me so that we are headed in the same direction toward the same goal. I recognize that my struggles are my team’s struggles too, and my clients’ struggles – really everyone’s struggle in this fast-paced and complicated workplace.

That is why we at AWE choose to work differently. We are on an evolving path of working with greater clarity, confidence, and courage to achieve what is truly important. Using the principles of the 4 Disciplines of Execution combined with our knowledge of the Human Lens of Leadership, we are getting focused on what is truly important, creating space in our business to move forward with clarity, creating a more inclusive environment where the team is aligned, engaged and accountable and we are enjoying the journey.

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