Corporate Partnerships

A year of disruption has created pivot points for organizations and teams to unite people through shared purpose, inclusion, belonging and connection. AWE works collaboratively with corporate partners to align learning and training experiences to address their emerging challenges, shifting priorities and vision for the future workplace.

Why AWE?

  • AWE’s mission to evolve the human-side of work and leadership through The Human Lens of Leadership addresses the workforce development needs of organizations in a dynamic, uncertain, diverse and changing work environment.
  • Our approach to build long-term strategic and trusted relationships through tailored services supports evolving business goals and challenges.
  • Our breadth and depth of in-person and virtual service offerings (workshops, events, membership, coaching, resources) create continued and connected learning opportunities for employees.  Employees of corporate partners enjoy a 40% discount on membership including a 25% discount on services.
  • Our 17 years of proven experience in advancing workplace excellence servicing organizations of all sizes.  See our current list of clients and partners.
  • Our impact in giving opportunity and access to underserved populations.  As a minority women-owned business, we are dedicated to serving our community.

Meet Our Corporate Partners

Become an AWE Partner

To find out how your organization can become an AWE Partner, please schedule a call email Kevin Matta for more information.

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