Corporate Partnerships

Join AWE and bring team building, inclusivity education, and growth to your organization!

Why AWE?

  • Our mission to evolve the human-side of work and leadership through The Human Lens of Leadership addresses the workforce development needs of organizations in a dynamic, uncertain, diverse and changing work environment.
  • Our approach to build long-term strategic and trusted relationships through tailored services supports evolving business goals and challenges.
  • Our breadth and depth of in-person and virtual service offerings (workshops, events, membership, coaching, resources) create continued and connected learning opportunities for employees.  Employees of corporate partners enjoy a 40% discount on membership including a 25% discount on services.
  • Our 17 years of proven experience in advancing workplace excellence servicing organizations of all sizes.  See our current list of clients and partners.
  • Our impact in giving opportunity and access to underserved populations.  As a minority women-owned business, we are dedicated to serving our community.

Meet Our Corporate Partners

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To find out how your organization can become an AWE Partner, please schedule a call email Kevin Matta for more information.

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