Insight Session: #0008 Hispanic Heritage Month

Join Juana De Los Santos as talks with Jenny Bautista-Ravreby about their Hispanic Heritage and what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them.

Insight Session #0007: Black Women’s Equal Wage Day and Women’s Equality Day

In this month's podcast, AWEs Kevin Matta is joined by Angela McCalla from the Women's Fund of RI as they discuss Black Women's Equal Wage Day and Women's Equality Day. Angela serves as the director of the Women's Policy Institute for the Women's Fund of RI, a local non-profit that serves to invest in women and girls through research, grantmaking, and strategic partnerships designed to achieve gender equity through systemic change.

Women in the New Workplace

Join our conversation with Lisa Raiola on how Covid-19 has affected women in the workplace both current state and post-pandemic.

Wicked Good News

Are you in need of a mid-day pick me up? Or maybe even some Wicked Good News? Check out Kevin Matta's segments from our 2020 Conference!

Become an Insight Hunter: Unleash Creativity By Looking in Unusual Places

Creativity can thrive under conditions of crisis. Ambiguity ignites the courage to pivot, experiment, test, play, fail, and hunt for inspiration. When in pursuit of creativity, knowledge is not found in the usual places. But to see it requires being curious and open, without judgment, to what is being presented.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Join Lisa Bergeron and Tejal Tarro in this Friday conversation where they reflect on their partner retreat and what it means to create space to relax, renew and restore a sense of well-being.

Pathways to Healthy Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. Healthy empathy creates openings that are safe for us and another person. Watch this past Friday Conversation learn more beliefs, mindsets, and practices that enable you to use the power of empathy to make a real positive impact.

Guiding Your Choices by Creating a North Star

Join AWE in this 30 minute session where we will check-in to see what types of choices you’re facing, share the practice of creating a north star to guide decisions, and open space to share experiences with each other and with us

Misunderstood or Mismanaged

A strong relationship between managers and employees is essential and requires understanding and being understood on many levels. Take a listen to this panel and how different leadership styles can alter how employees work.

Staying Human: Kevin’s Story

Read Kevin's story of how he stayed human through training and running his first half-marathon.

Summer Sorry Detox

Studies show that individuals that over apologize are less respected, less likely to be believed in future apologies, and it can lower your self-esteem when approaching new endeavors. Click to read more and learn some ways to skip the many apologies for the summer.