Unite Your Team


February 28, 2019
Crowne Plaza, Warwick RI
7:30am – 12:15pm


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About the Day

There is no bigger factor in driving a company’s long-term growth and success than building high performing teams.

How will your team expand its potential in 2019?

The AWE Unite Your Team Summit is an engaging and highly interactive experience that creates space for teams to strengthen their connection, communication and curiosity. Through presentations, research-based insights and table discussions, we explore practices and practical applications to grow, develop and expand your teams connections, performance, and potential!

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Our strategies for the day

Creating Connection – The ability to recognize communication is complex; but, connection is essential. We will explore the foundation that grounds the team in how they are connected to a common purpose and to each other.

Embracing Conflict –  Managers often worry about conflict in their teams. But, contrary to popular belief, harmony can stifle a team’s performance. Healthy conflict invites diverse perspectives, challenges consensus, and leads to better decision making. Explore how to leverage the tools of healthy conflict to expand effectiveness.

Expanding Curiosity – Getting the most out of every mind is vital to a team’s success. But, not everyone has a natural sense of curiosity or ability to approach problems through an innovative lens or ability to shift thinking, rather than logically or the way it has always been done. Open experimentation and challenging the status quo is foundational to innovation and raising your team’s curiosity quotient. Learn how leverage practices to help your team make room for curiosity, expand their potential to generate ideas, embrace failure, and find new ways of thinking.

All are welcome and teams are encouraged to attend together!

Agenda for the day

Check- In, Informal Networking, Breakfast: 7:30am – 8:15am

Welcome Remarks and Interactive Sessions: 8:15am-12:15pm