Tejal Tarro

Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Tejal Tarro has over 20 years of organization development, change management and business consulting experience in several industries, including: health care, retail, manufacturing and high tech/information management. She has been in management consulting in large global strategy consulting firms and has led several large-scale change initiatives. Tejal is mostly recognized for her ability to creatively facilitate teams of leaders in strategic planning, team building, leadership development and culture shifting that supports desired results.

Tejal brings several critical competencies to organizational excellence:

  • Excellent facilitation and workshop design skills
  • The ability to align and propel leadership teams forward on business strategy and change planning
  • The ability to assess individual, team and organizational dynamics that can support or block the intended results
  • Demonstrated skills in change management, stakeholder management and effective communications
  • Disciplined program/project management skills
  • Aligning and integrating organizations and cultures during times of merger or acquisition
  • A commitment to continuous growth and learning, continuously expanding and adding to knowledge and skills applied in working with clients

Tejal has deep understanding, based on experience, that real change only happens when a critical mass of people in the organization have shifted behaviors to support the desired vision. All organizational work with her clients focuses on actions that the leadership team takes individually and collectively to create the critical shift that will achieve the desired vision.

While pursuing her career, Tejal has volunteered her time and expertise to affect change in women’s advancement and childhood literacy, mostly in the role of designing and leading implementation of new innovative programs. She serves as the RI Delegate for Vision 2020, which focuses on the advancement of women in the workforce. Most recently, she was appointed to Chair the Rhode Island Commission on Women, where she is leading the effort to redesign the organization to better serve the needs of women in Rhode Island.

Tejal has a BS in Engineering and an MBA with a concentration in Strategy.