Donna Sams

Managing Partner and Chief Service Officer

Donna Sams has over 20 years of organization development, change management and operations experience in several industries, including: health care, retail, high tech/information management, and public sector. She has been in operations management, senior staff, and executive positions. And has held large program management assignments. Donna is recognized for effectively developing strong leaders and successfully executing change to improve performance and results. Donna brings several critical competencies to organizational excellence:

  • Excellent process facilitation skills
  • Disciplined program/project management skills
  • The ability to assess many dynamics operating within a business or group environment and pull out those observations that have the greatest impact on the intended results
  • Proven coaching methodology and skills in Executive and Management coaching
  • A strong competence in understanding the “political” climate and how to best leverage it to get the intended results
  • A demonstrated skill in both strategic and operational planning
  • Aligning and integrating organizations and cultures during times of merger or acquisition
  • The ability to move an organization from current state to future state by using the right tools and approaches to move processes and people
  • A commitment to continuous growth and learning, continuously expanding and adding to knowledge and skills applied in working with clients

Donna has a bias for results. All individual and organization work with her clients focuses on the actions that need to be taken, the behaviors that need to be reinforced or changed, to bring the client’s agenda forward and achieve the desired vision.

While pursuing her career, Donna has volunteered her time and expertise to address issues such as diabetes, childhood literacy, heart disease, and women representation in the field of technology, to name a few. She has been a requested speaker at numerous conferences and meetings. She has served on several non-profit boards and received several recognitions and awards. Most recently, she was appointed to the Rhode Island Commerce Board, enthusiastically being part of the execution of plans for revitalization and economic development in Rhode Island.

Donna has a BA in Sociology and an MS in Human Services with a concentration in Counseling.