Navigate & Thrive in COVID-19 Environment

We are committed to helping individuals and teams achieve their professional best while being responsible, agile, and thoughtful during the pandemic. Our team will work with you using the Human Lens of Leadership as you adjust how you lead, communicate, and adapt to a new, changed world, and work “place.”

Virtual Training

AWE training provides guidance on how you can make better digital and remote connections with empathy and reassurance. Taking steps to build trust by implementing AWEs proven strategies that support you and your teams to become better active listeners and more effective in virtual meetings.

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Group Coaching

As leaders, think about how you need to hone your skills at delegating and empowering agile teams. Our group coaching will help you shift, and free you up to focus on the big picture as your teams deliver.

Do you have individuals or small teams that need to operate more successfully with uncertainty? Are you less comfortable operating in the “grey?” We can help here too.

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Have you considered a new “workday” defined as an individual or as a leader? Do you need to re-write how remote team members are evaluated?  Do you need to build an effective team culture?
AWE focuses on the redesign and creation of remote leadership training for managers and teams.
Out of crisis comes opportunity— we can begin working with you today to adapt and build for future success with individuals and teams. Learn more about our offerings and support through virtual learning experiences.

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