Expanding Vision and Courage

At AWE, we expand courage and the vision of what is possible .......
‐ Lisa Bergeron, Founding Managing Partner and CVO

The Human Lens of Inclusion

Using AWE’s framework, The Human Lens of Inclusion℠, we offer experiences that expand your ability to lead with authentic influence, navigate changing workplace dynamics with emotional agility and maximize potential through inclusive engagement.

Authentic Influence

Learn to advocate for yourself and authentically inspire others to connect to your vision and recognize your value.

Sample Offerings

  • Confident Communications
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Strengthen Your Message
  • Authentic Leadership Brand
  • Power and Politics in the Workplace
  • Self-Promote with Ease
  • Build Strategic Networks
  • Negotiate Successfully at Work
  • Customer Experience

Emotional Agility

Learn to manage emotions within self and with others to navigate change and ambiguity, and build trusted relationships.

Sample Offerings

  • Leading with Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transitioning Through Change
  • Navigating Uncertainty
  • Navigating Fear with Courage
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Resilient Energy
  • Flexing into Relationships
  • Driven or Drawn to Choices
  • Managing Conflict with Customers

Inclusive Engagement

Expand ability to engage others through belonging by recognizing uniqueness and creating trusted alignment.

Sample Offerings

  • Leverage
  • Your Strengths
  • Deep Dive into Diversity and Inclusion
  • Understand Unconscious Bias
  • Practice of Inclusive Dialogue
  • Navigate Conflict and Differences
  • Align Through Vision and Purpose
  • Successful Mentoring Relationships
  • Cultivate a Creative Disruption
This program has given me a completely new and refreshing perspective on my career; how to take control of it and how to feel good about my decisions. I recently applied for a management position and received an offer for it. I have not been as excited about a job like this in a long time.
‐ Workshop Attendee

Our Approach

D – Diagnose

We partner to understand your organizational challenges and the underlying challenges facing people. We use our vast knowledge of business, organizational development and human behavior to get to the root of organizational challenges.

D – Design

Based on our diagnosis, we design tailored provocative learning experiences that align with the organizations values and priorities, as well as fit in with cultural and logistic requirements.

D – Deliver

We deliver effective learning experiences that are based on establishing authentic connection with participants, sharing insights based upon proven research, creating safe space for deeper reflection and exploration, and encouraging practical application of learnings.

D – Deepen

To anchor new learnings as new norms, we provide follow up services, including coaching, consulting, online modules, events and trainings, that can continue to deepen practice.

At AWE, we expand courage and the vision of what is possible .......
‐ Lisa Bergeron, Founding Managing Partner and CVO

Our Core Values

We believe that the energy we bring today manifests the outcomes of tomorrow. We daily practice core values that represent the best energy we can bring to ourselves, our team, our clients and our community.


by appreciating what is working, we raise perspective to better respond to what is not working.


by valuing our own strengths, we gain confidence to value others and be open to the unknown.


by understanding the perspectives of others, we create connections to be of real service.


by inquiring without judgement, we inspire creativity to find meaningful solutions.


by assuming positive intent, we remain resilient to the challenges.

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