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AWE leverages our team’s deep knowledge and core areas of expertise to raise awareness, expand connectedness, and focus on human-centric leadership practices. Our ecosystems of support creates transformative learning experiences, invites courageous conversations, and flexibility to expand the most important skills needed to navigate the new future of work.  

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Our Clients

Over the past year we changed the way we work and lead, and our clients have experienced a greater need to recalibrate, up-skill, navigate, reinforce resilience, and empower people. AWE supports their initiatives to advance future-ready workplace skills, expand collaboration, evolve competencies and provide access to resources and training programs that help individuals respond to the changing workplace with emotional agility, authentic influence, and inclusive engagement.

Clients We Serve

Our Impact

At AWE we have vision to make a difference in people’s lives with intentional, social impact.  As part of our continuing commitment to support our community and non-profit organizations, we allocate 10% of our training seats for individuals and non-profit leaders who would not normally have access to our programs. 

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Our Approach

Over the past year the workplace has been transformed. Recognizing the deep challenges and disruption experienced, AWE’s approach is anchored in the Human Lens of Leadership. We understand that people must be equipped with the right skills and mindsets to solve problems and advance human-centric practices.

We work collaboratively with clients to understand the underlying challenges being experienced. Based on the diagnosis, AWE designs tailored and responsive trainings to strengthen key competencies and inspire the consistent application of new skills so that behaviors and performance ultimately improve. 

Learning experiences are explored through interactivity, small group discussions, skill building work, assessments and reflection time. Understanding the need for interactivity and connection, AWE delivery methods include in-person, virtual or a hybrid model.

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