“We are ‘architects of possibility’ - catalysts who spark new ways of thinking, behaving and who ignite connection points that expand awareness, openness, growth, and courageous action.”

– - Lisa Bergeron and Tejal Tarro, Co-Creators, AWE
Team AWE

Our Humans

AWE leverages our team’s deep knowledge and core areas of expertise to raise awareness, expand connectedness, and focus on human-centric leadership practices. Our ecosystems of support create transformative learning experiences, invites courageous conversations, and flexibility to expand the most important skills needed to navigate the new future of work.
At AWE we have a vision to make a difference in people’s lives with intentional, social impact.

Our Clients

Over the past year, we changed the way we work and lead, and our clients have experienced a greater need to recalibrate, up-skill, navigate, reinforce resilience, and empower people. AWE supports their initiatives to advance future-ready workplace skills, expand collaboration, evolve competencies, and provide access to resources and training programs that help individuals respond to the changing workplace with emotional agility, authentic influence, and inclusive engagement.

Anchored in our values and shared creator’s vision, AWE thrives in fluid change and evolution.

Our Story

Co-Creators Lisa Bergeron and Tejal Tarro, are two accomplished businesswomen who shared an entrepreneurial spirit and purpose-driven passion to create a company to inspire and expand human leadership practices in business. They stepped into their partnership with extensive and diverse backgrounds that complimented and provided unique sources of wisdom, perspectives and experiences that has been AWE’s foundation and beacon.

As the world was propelled into uncertainty and disruption, their vision to shape the way forward to being a more inclusive and equitably future remains strong and unyielding. They believe compassion and empathy are the threads of our enduring human spirit that will unite us.

Meet The Experience Makers

Lisa Bergeron

Co-Creator and Chief Visionary

Tejal Tarro

Co-Creator and Chief Catalyst of Human Transformation

Rachael Gavin

Chief Strategist of Equity and Advocacy

Shirley Moore

AWE Senior Catalyst of Human Empowerment

Ralph Tavares

Experience Maker

Antoinette Gomes

Senior Inclusion & Education Specialist, AWE

Lisa Raiola

Senior Advisor and Small Business Specialist